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Research work is actively carried out at the department. According to the research results, professors and postgraduate students actively take part in international scientific conferences held both in Russia and abroad, publish papers in journals indexed by Scopus and Web of Sciences.

Students are also engaged in research activities. Under the supervision of professors of the department, students take part in annual student scientific conferences and competitions.

Postgraduate students of the department regularly defend thesis for the academic degree of candidates of technical sciences.

Research work with students, masters and PhD students is held in the department educational laboratory. The laboratory is equipped with a WDW-100E tensile testing machine. Testing and calibration of testing and measuring equipment of the educational laboratory is regularly carried out.

The laboratory has a set of measuring equipment from the National Instruments company, which provides great opportunities for processing and displaying measurement results in real time.

Professors of the department work as official opponents of thesis for the academic degree of candidates and doctors of technical sciences, reviewers of manuscripts of textbooks and tutors at higher educational institutions and scientific articles in the journals.

Students under supervising of professors of the department take part in the International Student Competition “Steel2Real” arranged by the Steel Construction Development Association (ARSS) and regularly take prizes in construction nomination:

2016 - S. Moguchev – 2nd place, A. Kolyago – 3rd place;

2017 – I. Gizyatullin – 1st place;

2018 – E. Petina - 1st place.

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