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Institute of Industrial and Civil Engineering was established by the order of the Rector in 2022, previously it had been the Institute of Construction and Architecture (ICA).

The present Director of the Institute of Industrial and Civil Engineering is Doctor of Technical Sciences, Prof. Aleksander R. Tusnin.

Nikolay I. Senin was the first Director of the Institute of Construction and Architecture. He graduated from MISI named after Valerian V. Kuibyshev (now – MGSU) with a degree in Industrial and Civil Engineering in 1973, then he taught at the Department of Reinforced Concrete and Masonry Structures.

Institute of Construction and Architecture (ICA) of MGSU was formed by the order of the Rector № 80/130 of June, 7 2005.

ICA combined three departments:

· Department of Industrial and Civil Engineering;

· Department of Construction and Technology;

· Department of Engineering and Architecture.

Department of Industrial and Civil Engineering dates back to the foundation of the university in 1921. So far, the department has trained over 11,000 civil engineers, more than 600 candidates and doctors of sciences, and over 500 specialists of various levels, who work in Russia and abroad.

At the time of the merger, the department was the largest educational unit of MGSU, with over 3,000 future experts studying full-time, part-time (in the evening), by correspondence and externally.

In accordance with the results of international accreditation, the level of training of engineers in the specialty was recognized as corresponding to international standards and a master's degree of European universities.

The department organized preparatory specialized courses for graduates of colleges and technical schools of the construction profile enrolling in the "Industrial and civil construction" specialty.

It was considered really important for the department to support and develop the existing for decades scientific schools, which at various times was headed by: D.Sc. in engineering, prof. N. Streletsky USSR Academy of Sciences member; D.Sc. in engineering, prof. E. Beleniy; prof. I. Rabinovich, USSR Academy of Sciences member; D.Sc. in engineering, prof. V. Vlasov, USSR Academy of Sciences member, Laureate of the State Prize, (Structural Mechanics); D.Sc. in engineering, prof. A. Loleyt; D.Sc. in engineering, prof. P. Pasternak (reinforced concrete structures) and others.

Department of Construction and Technology was established in 1944 to train specialists in the field of building materials and products manufacture, which was necessary at that time for the reconstruction of the country destroyed by the war.

The most active part in the organization of the faculty took outstanding scientists Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences N. Popov, B. Skramtaev, O. Gershberg. D.Sc. in engineering, Professor M. Higerovich, the laureate of the State Prize of the USSR, was the first Head of the department. Later the Head of the department was elected from professors: A. Soshin, V. Kitaitsev, O. Ivanov, V. Kolokolnikov, Y. Burov, A. Domokeev, Y. Bazhenov, B. Rumyantsev.

The first students of the department were demobilized participants of the Great Patriotic War (World War II) in 1948, the first 19 graduates started their career as engineers in the emerging industry of precast concrete and other building materials.

The academic staff of the department remembers those who stood at the beginning of scientific and pedagogical schools, which brought fame not only faculty but also the building industry: Lenin Prize laureate, doctor of engineering sciences, professor A. Volzhenski, State Prize laureate, doctor of engineering sciences, professor O. Gerchberg, B. Skramtaev, G. Gorchakov, Y. Gorlov, R. Andrianov, V. Mikulski, Candidate of engineering sciences, associate professors O. Yushkevich, M. Rogov, V. Stambulko, Honorary Worker of Science and Technology, doctor of engineering sciences, professors N. Popov, V. Vorobyov, V. Kitaitsev, Doctor of Chemical Sciences, professor A. Bork, V. Kireyev, S. Sosin with deep respect and appreciation.

Department of Engineering and Architecture was established in 2005 to train specialists with artistic and architectural skills combined with the ability of engineering and design study of the project.

Department of Engineering and Architecture consisted of the Department of Architecture of Civil and Industrial Buildings (Head of the Department - Candidate of Technical Sciences, prof. A.K. Soloviev) and Department of Testing of Structures (Head of the Department - Candidate of Technical Sciences, prof. Yu.S. Kunin), with educational and research laboratories (survey of buildings and facilities).

Created laboratory of construction physics within the framework of the organization of departments allowed to carry out projects examination, develop sections of projects on energy efficiency, natural lighting and insolation, noise protection, to carry out theoretical, experimental and evaluation scientific work.

In addition to academic and scientific activities, the department carried out a lot of work on the organization of permanent exhibitions in the Institute of Construction and Architecture, as well as on the preparing and holding exhibitions in the Architect's House, etc.

Students of the faculty were repeatedly laureates of international, national and regional competitions of theses and diploma projects.

In April 2005, the 1st All-Russian competition of theses in specialty 2914 was held in Kazan, where thesis of the student B. Ol'ha took the first place, he was awarded the diploma of I degree RAASN. Another thesis was awarded the prize of the Architects' Union of Tatarstan. In 2006 a student of the department became the winner of the All-Russian competition "The best in the specialty", which was held in MGSU. 

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