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Are you MGSU international student or graduate? Do you want to build career in Russia?

Engineers, architects, civic planners, economists, managers and other experts can take a chance in getting a job in Russia.

Here are some recommendations what steps to take to start your career journey in Russia.

Q: Do I need any permission to work in Russia as a foreign resident?

A: Amendments to the legislation of Russia have become effective since August 2020. In conformity with the law, non-resident students and graduates from Russian universities have a right to get a job in a simplified way in their free time from studying, without any need to get permission, patent or other complications. http://duma.gov.ru/news/49275/

Q: What documents do I need to apply for a job?

A: You are required to have the following documents:

  • passport or another identification document with its translation
  • compulsory pension certificate
  • TIN, Registration and Migration Card
  • medical insurance valid in the territory of the Russian Federation
  • confirmation of studying at the moment or degree certificate from the university
  • another documents requested by the employer

Q: Where am I supposed to search for a job?

A: There are many ways to find a job of your dreams. It is important to understand the field and the type of a company you want to work for. We recommend surfing companies’ web-sites for relevant information about vacancies. Also you can register at special websites that help employers and future employees find each other (https://hh.ru/, https://www.superjob.ru/, https://students.superjob.ru/, https://talent.mos.ru/). Moreover, ‘Career Fairs’ are organized annually at MGSU. Numerous companies, construction enterprises and government agencies take part in such fairs offering internships and employment opportunities to young professionals. Students get a unique chance to talk to representatives of leading companies of the industry, ask burning questions and choose a place for future internship or work.

Q: Does University help with finding a job?

A: Sure! You can get a consultation at MGSU “Kaska” recruiting agency. “Kaska” renders assistance to provide MGSU students and graduates with job connections and internships. The agency conducts career guidance events and introduces trends in the modern labor market, organizes trainings and master classes related to the development of soft skills. You will get attentive support by career managers. For more information visit https://vk.com/kaska_mgsu. Besides, feel free to use MGSU website for employment and recruitment for MGSU graduates and students only - https://facultetus.ru/university/37/company.

Q: In what companies do MGSU graduates work?

A: Since MGSU is the leading Russian university in the field of Civil Engineering, its students and graduates are highly demanded on the market. Knowledge acquired helps graduates get jobs at such companies, like INGRAD, Rosatom, Samolet Development, Mosproekt-3, Saint-Gobain, etc. Some graduates dedicate themselves to politics and work for the benefit of society. Have a look at Alumni to get a bigger picture.

Q: Is it possible to combine work and studies?

A: It is, however, remember to make sure to keep these two spheres in balance.

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