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The Whole World !

International activity is one of the essential parts of the training of highly qualified specialists, who are not only acquainted with domestic and foreign technologies and the world building practice, but also have a wide world outlook and are competitive in the world labour market.

The main areas of MGSU International Office are:

  • promoting and strengthening international cooperation;
  • establishing and coordinating the collaboration with foreign institutions under bilateral and multilateral cooperation agreements;
  • supporting academic staff international activities;
  • fostering academic staff mobility;
  • organizing international seminars, conferences, forums, lectures, etc.;
  • coordinating visits of foreign guests and delegations at MGSU;
  • promoting National Research Moscow State University of Civil Engineering image on the global stage.

More than …

  • 150 students and lecturers of the University participate in international exchange programmes annually;
  • 200 lecturers of the University take part in international programmes of further education, qualification upgrading and practical courses;
  • 1 500 students and lecturers of MGSU annually participate in international conferences, seminars, exhibitions and forums.

As a modern University with an international focus, MGSU has wide contacts with universities, scientific and research institutes, building companies from neighboring and far-abroad states.

Today MGSU is actively cooperating with 71 foreign institutes of higher education from 23 countries of the world. At present MGSU maintains active partnerships with institutes in Azerbaijan, Belorussia, China, India, Iran, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Mongolia, Peru, Syria, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, and others.

The University takes part in many international projects and syllabuses, implemented with the support of various funds, agencies, embassies and other entities.

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