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Institute of Industrial and Civil Engineering (IICE, [IPGS] in Russian) being the largest division of MGSU graduates experts in Civil Engineering (bachelors and masters) in all fields of the main activity and infrastructure of the construction industry. About 3,600 students study at the Institute, of which over 2,730 bachelors, more than 450 specialists and over 410 masters.

As of today, the Institute includes six departments, two research labs and one specialized laboratory equipped with modern unique equipment, two scientific and educational centers, thus making training on a full cycle of work in construction possible.

The academic staff of the Institute of Industrial and Civil Engineering conducts research activities of the university, participates in international scientific events - conferences, seminars, competitions and grants. Many professors of the Institute work for the laboratory complex of the Institute. The annual contractual and state budget work scope performed by departments and research laboratories exceeds 65 million rubles. Students regularly participate and win in various competitions and exhibitions. Postgraduates and doctoral students defend their theses research in 3 scientific specialties. The Institute actively cooperates with construction companies and educational organizations in the field of construction, encouraging the successful exchange of experience and skills.

Scientific, informational, entertainment and sports events are held annually for the students of the Institute at the University, many of which have already become traditional.

Institute of Industrial and Civil Engineering as a structure having an innovative character is to provide training to a new generation of professionals who are able to make changes in the construction industry and combine production, design, research and enterprise.

The educational activity of the innovative Institute is based on the use of the ideas and principles of new educational technologies, which provide considerably increased efficiency of studies and transfer scientific results to the activities of construction companies and organizations.

The guiding principle of the Institute’s activity is the unity of scientific-educational and innovative processes. The main purpose is to maintain the stable partnership system between the institute, government, construction, design, research organizations and business structures. The Institute actively contributes to the strategic development of MGSU.

The Institute of Industrial and Civil Engineering includes the following Research Departments:

· Research Laboratory of Engineering Research and Monitoring of Building Structures (NIL IIMSK);

· Research laboratory of modern composite building materials (NIL SKSM);

· Specialized educational laboratory "MGSU-KNAUF" (SUL "MGSU-KNAUF");

· Scientific and Educational Center "Constructions, technologies and organization of construction" (NOTS KTOS);

· Scientific and Educational Center "Nanomaterials and Nanotechnologies".

As part of the implementation of the MGSU program, research laboratories have been equipped with modern research equipment which opens the door for conducting unique scientific research at a high level. Students of all years of study are involved in research work. The best student scientific works take prizes at All-Russian and international conferences, exhibitions and competitions.

Scientific research is also developing within the framework of international cooperation - the Institute cooperates with MGSU partner universities, educational and scientific organizations from around the world. The Institute participates actively in organizing academic exchange and internships of its students abroad. The Institute provides not only training of students, but also effective retraining and advanced training of specialists of the construction sector.

The Institute offers its students the opportunity not only to study, but also to relax and express themselves. Various social events such as the traditional "Immersion" event, dancing, poetry and music evenings, various flash mobs are organized by the Institute.

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