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Scientific activity of the Department. The Main direction of scientific research of the Department of Engineering Geology and Geoecology for many decades is the study of the geological environment as a component of the created and functioning natural and technical systems "geological environment-structures-built-up (built-up) territory" in relation to various regional natural conditions and different branches of construction. 

The following areas of research have received the greatest development: 
  • The study of the nature of the construction properties of non-rock soils - clay, loess, sand;
  • Research of engineering-geological features of rock massifs as the bases of hydraulic structures;
  • Development of methodology of engineering-geological surveys for hydraulic engineering, energy and industrial-civil construction;
  • Development of methods of complex research of soils by field methods, including geophysical and sounding; study of changes in the geological environment and engineering-geological conditions of territories under the influence of various types of construction and man-made impacts;
  • Development of applied areas of engineering Geology, including engineering Geology of energy facilities, engineering Geology of alluvial soil arrays, etc.;
  • Development of methods of engineering and geological control over the construction of structures made of soil materials;
  • Development of scientific bases of methodology for engineering-geological and geo-ecological justification of management decisions on rational use and environmental protection;
  • Application of geosynthetic materials for hydrotechnical and road construction purposes and for solving geotechnical problems in various types of construction.
The Department has defended more than 25 master's and 5 doctoral theses in Geoecology and engineering Geology. All this required serious efforts on the part of the Department's scientists and a lot of organizational work. Many of the post-graduate students became leading teachers of the Department. 

Scientific and social activities of the Department. A Prominent place in the life of the Department is occupied by its scientific and social activities. Scientists of the Department take part in the work of various academies, scientific and dissertation councils, expert commissions, specialized expert base centers, editorial boards of scientific journals, scientific public organizations. For more than 50 years, the Department has been actively involved in the activities of the Russian society for soil mechanics, geotechnics, foundations and Foundation construction. For many years a member of the Bureau of the public organization was N. I. Denisov, its membership consisted of Professor G. A. Paushkin, I. V. Dudler, now it employs A.D. Potapov, S. N. Chernyshev. Scientists of the Department are academicians and corresponding members of a number of Academies: the Russian Academy of natural Sciences, the European Academy of natural Sciences, the International Academy of industrial ecology, and the International Academy of ecological reconstruction. Many employees of the Department actively work in various bodies and structures of the University, including the academic Council of MSU, Academic Councils of the faculty, Scientific-methodological and Scientific-technical councils of MGSU, in a number of dissertation councils, constantly cooperate with the University's UNID in organizing and conducting scientific conferences, forming plans for research state budget works. The Department actively cooperates with the editors of a number of scientific journals - "Geoecology", "Vestnik MGSU", "Engineering Geology", "Georisk", "Engineering surveys", "geotechnics", "Hydraulic engineering", "Industrial ecology", "Industrial and civil construction". The Department maintains extensive scientific relations with related departments and scientists of universities in Germany, England, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Austria and other countries. Many teachers of the Department were awarded government awards, the title of "Honorary Builder of the Russian Federation", "Honorary worker of higher professional education of the Russian Federation", certificates of ministries and MGSU. 

Scientific and production activities of the Department. Throughout the long history of the Department, its staff has actively implemented its scientific and technical developments in the practice of designing and building many large and unique hydraulic, energy, industrial and civil facilities. Among them, a waterworks of the Volga cascade, the Volga-don and Volga-Baltic, Karakum channels, the Kakhovka hydroelectric station, Volgograd memorial complex on Mamayev Kurgan, the Aswan dam of the Andijan dam, Rogun and the Riga hydroelectric power station, a waterworks Caucasus, Chita, Primorye, GRES, Kalinski and Vilyui hydroelectric power station, the alluvial territory of the Nizhny Novgorod Volga region and Western Siberia, and many others. 
In recent years, the research and production activities of the Department have been widely developed in the Moscow region. Employees of the Department performed a significant volume of engineering surveys and surveys of several hundred buildings and structures in Moscow and the Moscow region. Among them such unique ones as the Temple of Christ the Savior, the Trinity - Sergius Lavra, Diveevsky monastery, Bolshoi theatre, “Children's world”, Exhibition complex “Manege”, the construction of cantonments for troops withdrawn from Germany, dozens of residential and social construction in Moscow and Moscow region. The number of examinations of the results of engineering surveys is estimated in several hundred. The Department interacts with the survey organization “Stroygeologiya " (supervisor Chumachenko A. N.), which performs responsible work on unique objects in Moscow (including those of historical and cultural significance). 
The Department maintains and develops close scientific and industrial relations with leading organizations working in the field of engineering-geological and geoecological research, as well as in the field of geotechnics and Foundation construction. These Include the Institute of Geoecology of the Russian Academy of Sciences named after E. M. Sergeev, PNIIIS, NIIOSP, Mosgorgeotrest, Mosoblgeotrest, and others. 

In modern conditions in the presence of the Department 3 doctors of Sciences, 20 candidates of science, with a developing postgraduate study and doctoral studies Department of Engineering Geology and Geoecology, acquired the status of national research University is quite capable to solve problems of regional engineering Geology, genetic soil science, engineering, seismology, hydrogeology, Geoecology and ecology, life safety; creation of training and methodological support and organization of training of masters of engineering surveys for construction; use of modern information technologies in scientific research and in the educational process.
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