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D.Eng. Sc., Professor Nikolai A. Aniskin is the Director of the Institute.

He graduated from the Department of Hydrotechnical Construction of the MISI named after Valerian V. Kuibyshev in 1976 and since that has worked at the University. In 1988 he defended his Candidate thesis, in 2009 –Doctorate thesis. In 2011 Mr. Aniskin was awarded the academic title of Professor.

His research interests are calculations of the stressed-deformed state and stability of hydraulic structures; a filtration study in dams and foundations; study of temperature conditions and thermally stressed state of hydraulic structures; studies of the joint filtration-temperature regime of dams and bases.

N.A. Aniskin is the author of 80 scientific publications and 5 educational and methodological papers.

He leads the "Hydrotechnical Engineering" Master's degree program, the "Hydraulics and Hydrotechnical Engineering" postgraduate program. Moreover, he is a Chairman of the Dissertation Council.

5 Candidate dissertations were defended under his scientific supervision.

N.A. Aniskin has the following honorary titles: "Honorary Power Engineer" by Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation; “Honorary Hydropower Engineer” by Russian Joint Stock Company "UES of Russia"; "Honorary Worker of Higher Professional Education of the Russian Federation" by Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

The Institute of Hydraulic Engineering and Power Plant Construction (IHEPPT) was formed in 2011 as a result of reorganization at the University, after the dissolution of the Institute of Energy, Water Management and Environmental Construction, which united the Departmentsof Hydraulic Engineering and Special Construction, the Department of Thermal Power Construction, and the Department of Water Supply and Sanitation. As a result of the reorganization, the IHEPPT included teams of these departments.

The Departments of Hydraulic Engineering and Special Construction (until 1993 – the Department of Hydraulic Engineering) is only 9 years younger than MISI-MGSU, it turned 91 in 2021.

In 1933 - 1958 the Department was headed by the founders of the scientific and pedagogical school of domestic Hydraulic Engineering, who made a huge contribution to its formation and development. They were professors V.M. Malyshev, N.N. Dzhunkovskiy, E.V. Bliznyak, M.M. Grishin, F.F. Gubin, Y.P. Filippov.

From 1958 to 2011 the Department was led by their followers and successors of traditions, scientists and teachers of the highest qualifications: professors G.N. Smirnov, S.M. Slisskiy, V.Ya. Karelin, I.Kh. Kostin, A.V. Mishuev, M.G. Zertsalov, N.A. Aniskin.

The well-deserved fame of the Dapartment was brought by those who worked here for many years: outstanding scientists in the field of Hydraulic Engineering, Hydropower, Engineering Ecology, Soil Mechanics and Foundations. Among them are academician B.E. Vedeneev; Honored Figures of Science and Technology, Professors M.M. Grishin, F.F. Gubin, N.N. Dzhunkovskiy; members-correspondents of the USSR Academy of Sciences N.A. Tsytovich, O.F. Vasiliev, professors N.P. Rozanov, L.D. Belyy; Heroes of Socialist Labor, laureates of the State Prize, Professors - A.V. Mikhailov, I.V. Komzin, G.K. Sukhanov, V.S. Eristov and many other scientists.

MISI-MGSU can rightfully be proud of the famous scientists and teachers who worked at the Department of Hydraulic Engineering and Special Construction, professors, doctors of technical sciences: V.Ya. Karelin, S.B. Ukhov, L.I. Kudoyarov, A.I. Kharin, N.N. Arshenevskiy, A.D. Altshulem, V.S. Borovkov, S.S. Vyalov, M.V. Malyshev, A.V. Mishuev, I.E. Mikhailov, V.M. Mostkov, V.G. Orekhov, Yu.P. Pravdivets, L.N. Rasskazov, V.K. Tarasov, Z.G. Ter-Martirosyan, S.A. Yufin, S.N. Chernyshev and many others recognized by the world and domestic scientific community.

Deputy Heads of the Department of Hydraulic Engineering and Special Construction over the years were I.F. Orlovskaya, E.V. Kurlovich, S.I. Levina, A.V. Pleshakov, A.M. Morozov, A.D. Potapov, Yu.M. Kolesnikov, Yu.A. Shashlov, N.A. Aniskin, D.Yu. Chunyuk, A.V. Manko, E.V. Bazhina.

The Department of Thermal Power Construction (TPP) was founded in 1967 to train qualified civil engineers in the field of the design and construction of nuclear and thermal power facilities, as well as related facilities. The ideologist of the only Department in the world in such a field of specialization wasa laureate of the Lenin and State Prizes, Hero of Socialist Labor, Army General D.Eng.Sc., Professor A.N. Komarovskiy. The formed Deaprtment included the departments of Construction of Nuclear Installations, Construction of Thermal and Nuclear Power Plants, Building Structures of Energy, as well as Labor Protection.

The first Head of the Department was Associate professor S.G.Terzibashyants (1967 – 1973), then this position was taken by prof. V.B. Dubrovskiy (1973 – 1982), prof. N.N. Leontiev (1982 - 1983), prof. V.B. Hetmanov (1983 – 1988), and prof. P.A. Lavdanskiy (1988 – 2011).

In various years, professors O.V. Georgievskiy, I.A. Yengovatov, Associate professors V.I. Pystogov, A.S. Toropov, V.I. Kornilov, D.G. Peklenkov, V.N. Dorofeev, A.V. Gordeev, A.V. Denisov, K.K. Pokrovsky, V.N. Ivanov, N.I. Bushuev, N.I. Stefanov, A.P. Pustovgar worked at the Department.

Graduates of the Department have always worked at the most important construction sites in Russia, the CIS Republics, in various countries of Europe, Asia and Africa. The list of such construction projects includes Lukoml, Primorsk, Azerbaijan, Syrdarya state district power plants, etc., as well as nuclear power plants in Hungary, Bulgaria, China, India, Iraq, Bangladesh, Cuba and others.

The Institute's department ssuccessfully train highly qualified scientific and pedagogical personnel. Postgraduate studies are carried out according to the "Geoecology and Engineering Surveys in Construction and Housing and Communal Services" study program; "Construction Techniques and Technologies" with the specialization "Hydraulic Engineering and Hydraulics," "Soil Mechanics and Geotechnics," "Environmental Safety of Construction and Urban Economy" and "Organization of Construction of Technically Complex Facilities"; in the field of "Geology, exploration and development of minerals" program with specialization "Geology in construction".

One of the important components of the educational process and a vivid long-term tradition is the familiarization practice of IHEPPT students along the Volga hydroelectric station cascade. It is difficult to overestimate the significance of this practice: students can see unique structures with their own eyes, communicate with high-level professionals, learn a lot of useful information about future profession.

The Institute conducts training in the line of additional vocational training and retraining (the Head of this direction is Associate Ph.D. Irina M. Markova). Such popular study programs as "Technological and Cost Engineering in Construction," "Hydrotechnical Engineering," "Construction of Unique, Technically Complex Buildings and Structures. Hydrotechnical Engineering. Underground Construction. Construction of Nuclear Power Facilities", "Organization of Architectural and Construction Design for the Chief Engineer of The Project" and others are implemented.

Vital issues of the Institute's activity and development are resolved at meetings of the Scientific Council of the Institute. Heads of departments and structural divisions, leading teachers (N.A. Aniskin (Chairman of the Scientific Council of the IHEPPT), Z.G. Ter-Martirosyan, D.V. Kozlov, A.A. Lavrusevich, A.A. Morozenko, D.Y. Chunyuk, Y.A. Yengovatov, I.G. Kantarzhi, A.V. Gordeev, Yu.V. Bryanskaya, A.Z. Ter-Martirosyan, V.V. Belov, A.V. Denisov, M.A. Yumasheva, etc.) take part in these meetings.

The administrative management of the Institute's activities is carried out by the Institute’s Directorate. Issues related to the main educational activity are supervised by the Deputy Director for Educational and Methodological Work, the Head of the Educational and Methodological Center, Senior Lecturer, Ph.D. M.A. Yumasheva. The Deputy Director, Associate Professor, Ph.D. S.A. Sergeev is responsible for scientific work. The successful work of the Institute in the field of the training of highly qualified personnel today is impossible without fruitful long-term work of the employees of the Educational and Methodological Center: deputy heads E.V. Bazhina, N.A. Korneeva, inspectors T.V. Bakhareva, I.A. Blokhina, E.O. Novikova, E.V. Potapova, O.I. Popova, I.A. Romanova.

The Institute of Hydraulic Engineering and Power Engineering includes five departments: Department of Hydraulics and Hydraulic Engineering, Department of Engineering Surveying and Environmental Geology, Department of Integrated Safety in Construction, Department of Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, Department of Thermal and Nuclear Power Plants Construction.

Employees of scientific divisions also work fruitfully at the Institute: scientific and educational centers "Hydrotechnics" (scientific director prof., Doctor of Technical Sciences I.G. Kantarzhi), "Explosion Safety" (scientific director - prof., Doctor of Technical Sciences A.A. Komarov).

In the near future the Institute's team will have to fulfill difficult tasks: to make a worthy contribution to the successful participation and implementation of the Priority 2030 strategic academic leadership program. The team is full of optimism and is ready to adequately fulfill the main task of the country – to train highly qualified personnel for the industry.

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