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Since being established, the Department of Engineering Surveying and Environmental Geology (until 2016, the department was called "Engineering Geology and Geoecology") has been headed by leading scientists in the field of engineering geology. Ivan V. Popov formed the department in 1935. Under his leadership engineering geology became a new academic discipline for construction specialties. In scientific terms, an important place was occupied by the development of the methodology of regional engineering-geological research in the field of engineering geodynamics and engineering hydrogeology. Under Popov’s leadership, engineering geology, regional engineering geology, which arose precisely thanks to I.V. Popov, was becoming more and more relevant. The school of geoecology research established at the department received new impetus in its movement, focusing efforts on the coevolutionary development of geoecology and engineering geology.

In 1946-1966, the department was headed by Nikolay Ya. Denisov, one of the world's greatest scientists in the field of soil science. Under his leadership, priority was given to soil studies aimed at studying the nature of soil strength, assessing and predicting the construction properties of loess, clay and sandy soils. New progressive research methods were being introduced into the practice of surveys - geophysical (radioisotope), scientific filming of soil tests by dynamic sounding. It is the "Denisov principle" that is now becoming widespread, as experts evaluate the properties of re-deposited soils in engineering surveys.

In 1967-1983, the department was headed by Prof. Leonid D. Belyi. Under his leadership, research in the field of methodology of engineering and geological surveys for hydraulic engineering, thermal and nuclear power construction was being developed. The department carried out activities related to the substantiation of the principles of seismic zoning of built-up and built-up areas, the methodology of complex soil studies by field methods, as well as the development of methods of engineering and geological control in construction. During the Great Patriotic War L.D. Belyi, being the major specialist in hydrogeology, was entrusted with the leadership of the Moscow reserve water supply group created by the decision of the State Defense Committee, with the title of engineer of the third rank. The work of this group was not fully completed, but the first major scientific developments had been carried out. Today there is no doubt that it was L.D. Belyi who created the system of engineering surveys in our country.

In 1984-1998 the department was headed by Gleb A. Paushkin.

Since the beginning of 1990s, the department activity related to the implementation of engineering and geological surveys for the reconstruction of buildings and new construction in urban conditions. has been progressively developing. Prof. Paushkin headed the department at a difficult time, his task was especially difficult – it was to preserve the department and the importance of teaching engineering geology at the Higher School of Construction. Nevertheless, G.A. Paushkin sailed through it. Moreover, at that time, the department began to pay more and more attention to environmental research, studies were carried out and methodological support was created for the "Engineering Geology and Environmental Protection" discipline for construction specialties, which then ensured the formation and development of "Ecology" and "Geoecology". Professor G.A. Paushkin formed the first in the country, and probably in the world, educational engineering-geological film about landslides on the Volga shores. Besides, he was an author of an advanced course in Engineering Geology for students of the specialization "Foundations and Foundations", including the organization of consultations on diploma design participation in state certification.

In 1999 - 2014, the department was headed by Prof. A.D. Potapov. “Geoecology and engineering surveys” laboratory was formed at the department. The department prepared and published new manuals for students and expanded admission to graduate courses. A new dissertation Council on the "Environmental protection and rational use of natural resources" specialty began its work in MGSU with the active involvement of the department. The Council is still available for students of the 03.02.08 "Ecology (construction and housing and communal services)", 25.00.36 "Geoecology (construction and housing and communal services)", 05.23.19 "Environmental safety of construction and urban farms" scientific specialties. Since the end of the last century, the department has been paying a lot of attention to environmental issues, while actively working on scientific and production tasks in surveys for construction in cities, normative work and expertise.

About the geodesic field of the department’s activity

Geodesy has been taught at MGSU since the first day of its foundation The Department of Engineering Geodesy is one of the oldest departments of the University, providing basic training for students of all specialties. The first geodesy teacher was a talented engineer and a skilled methodologist Aleksandr E. Iliin. He is considered to be a pioneer of the academic staff of the Department of Engineering Geodesy of MISI named after Valerian V. Kuibyshev (now – MGSU).

Petr I. Shilov, the author of a famous “Geodesy” manual, was the Head of the Department in 1933 – 1942. In 1942 – 1965 the Department was headed by prof. Vasiliy P. Vvedenskiy. He started his work at the Department in the same year as it was formed.

In the same years, the core principles of educational and methodical work were laid by teachers (B.A. Kolosov, M.M. Livanov and others), who taught geodesy at the department the foundation of the institute.

From January 1965 to December 1977, the department was headed by an outstanding scientist, holder of two Orders of the Red Banner of Labor.world-renowned geodesist, D.Eng.Sc., Professor Petr S. Zakatov.

At that time, engineering geodesy was becoming a special discipline covering a wide range of issues of geodetic support for construction production. Under the leadership of P.S. Zakatov, a group of authors published "Engineering Geodesy" manual for construction specialties of universities. The great merit of Professor P.S. Zakatov was the opening of postgraduate studies courses and the creation of the Academic Council for the defense of Candidate dissertations (specialty 05.24.01- Geodesy.)

Participant of the Great Patriotic War, D.Eng.Sc., Professor Gegam V. Bagratuni headed the department in 1978 – 1981. His active role in the training of national pedagogical personnel in our country and abroad is especially noteworthy. This work was recognized by orders, medals, certificates of honor of the Ministry of Public Education of Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, the Mongolian People's Republic, Higher Technical Schools of Leipzig and Weimar.

In 1981 - 1982, the department was headed by Ph.D. in Eng.Sc., Associate Professor Bronislav B. Danilevich. A highly qualified methodologist, B.B.Danilevich had been working at MISI since 1953. Together with Ph.D. in Eng.Sc. associate professor B.S. Kheifets, he wrote and published a "Workshop on Engineering Geodesy".

From September 1982 to March 1999, the department was headed by D.Eng.Sc., Professor Viktor E. Novak, a prominent specialist in the field of engineering surveys, geodetic support for the construction of unique precision structures, monitoring and diagnostics of deformations, laureate of the State Prize, Honored Worker of Science and Technology, Academy of Housing and Communal Services of the Russian Federation. "Course of Engineering Geodesy", "Laboratory Workshop on Engineering Geodesy" and other publications edited by V.E. Novak were published. Dealing with serious scientific issues, V.E. Novak paid great attention to the research works of students, too.

Ph.D. in Eng.Sc., Professor Inna A. Sedelnikova, a student of P.S. Zakatov, headed the department in 1999 - 2007. I.A. Sedelnikova succeded in opening of the correspondence educational unit and specialization "Inventory of buildings, structures and urban lands".at the Department of Urban Construction and Agriculture.

From 2007 until the merger with the Department of Engineering Geology and Geoecology a Corresponding member of the Russian Engineering Academy, Honorary Worker of Higher Professional Education of the Russian Federation, member of the Innovation Council NOSTROY. Ph.D. in Eng.Sc., Professor Igor V. Rubtsov headed the Department of Engineering Geodesy. One of his first steps in this position was equipping the department with classrooms and the latest geodetic equipment. A geodetic testing ground was created on the territory of MGSU for educational geodetic practice and research work. New scientific directions were opened at the department, which resulted in the influx of new personnel – both university graduates and qualified experts.

Moreover, prof. Rutbsov is the scientific director of the MGSU Research and Design Laboratory "Design and Construction" (NIiPPL "PiK"). Under his leadership, dozens of reconstruction and new construction projects have been developed in Moscow, the Moscow region and other regions. He is the author of over 150 scientific and educational papers, one of the ideologists of a scientific direction on the monitoring of building structures at MGSU.

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