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Institute of Hydraulic Engineering and Power Plant Construction

The Institute of Hydraulic Engineering and Power Plant Construction has been the best in its field for many years. Since the main sources of electricity are TPP, HPP and NPP, today highly qualified specialists of this field are especially in demand. It is worth paying attention to the intensively developing underground urbanization, in the study of which the Institute is engaged. The construction of all these facilities requires special training, which graduates of the Institute provide not only in Russia, but also around the world.

The Institute consists of 5 departments that have their own research laboratories with unique equipment, 4 scientific and educational centers without any analogue in the country. Above mentioned facilities allow conducting scientific and experimental research in various fields of hydrotechnical construction, construction of nuclear and thermal plants, development of underground space, high-rise construction, construction of water treatment facilities, etc.

Special mention should be made of the academic staff of our Institute. The Institute has highly scientific qualified personnel who conduct professional teaching activity, so that the Institute produces valuable personnel. Graduates can realize their potential both in engineering, hydraulic engineering, energy construction and construction of environmental and water resources protection facilities, as well as in industrial and civil engineering.

In addition to academic and scientific activity, student life is paid much attention to: students have an opportunity to express themselves, develop their talents and, of course, make friends for the whole life.

The scientific and innovative potential of the Institute unites 5 departments, 7 laboratories and centers with the scientific and pedagogical potential of the highest qualification (43 Doctors, 80 Candidates of Sciences), as well as over 60 graduate and doctoral students.


Aniskin Nikolay

DSc, professor

Tel.: +7(499)183-43-83

E-mail: Aniskin@mgsu.ru


Training of Russian and foreign graduate students at all forms (budget, contract, target, full-time and correspondence) is carried out in departments, laboratories and scientific centers of the Institute.

Educational programs implemented at the Institute:

Full-Time Training

Bachelor`s Degree Program

08.03.01 Civil Engineering


• Hydrotechnical and Environmental Engineering

• Geotechnical and Underground Construction

• Engineering and Construction of Power ENgineering Facilities

20.03.01 Technosphere safety

Specialization: Fire Safety

27.03.01 Standardization and Metrology

Specialization: Standardization, Certification and Metrology

Specialist`s Degree Program

08.05.01 Construction of Unique Buildings and Structures


• Construction of Hydraulic Structures of Enhanced Responsibility

• Construction of Thermal and Nuclear Power Facilities

• Construction of Underground Facilities

Master`s Degree Program

08.04.01 Civil Engineering

• Construction of Thermal and Nuclear Power Facilities

• Hydrotechnical Engineering

• Geotechnics

• Engineering Surveys in Construction

Students life

To implement the creative platform, the IGES FAMILY project was created, which gives students a huge space for self-realization. The Project combines various directions - these are represented by a team of curators of IGES, IGES MEDIA, IGES NEWS, IGES KVN (Club of the Funny and Inventive), dancing groups, scientific activities, sports life and various forums in the professional field.

The active life position of the project participants can be expressed not only at the University: they take part in many city and all-Russian cultural events: festivals, conferences, forums, socially significant events. Students show their personal involvement to the trends in the cultural development of society and solutions to its urgent problems.

During the academic year the IGES FAMILY team provides an opportunity for everyone to diversify their student life by attending bright and memorable events such as ropes course, student initiation, karaoke evening, film evening, etc. New events are created each year. Mario Film Award is the largest spring event, which is expected by students the most. This event annually arouses huge enthusiasm among MGSU students, the number of teams declared to win is increasing.

Apart from working with current students, working with applicants is also important, so the Institute helps organize and hold monthly Doors Open Days. Students gladly answer all questions of future students and their parents, show around the campus and the university territory.

Nowhere does studying bring so much pleasure as in Motor Ship Practice. It provides a unique opportunity for students of the Institute of Hydraulic Engineering and Power Plant Construction to visit the largest and outstanding hydroelectric power plants of the Volga Cascade, see with their own eyes how they are arranged, communicate with world-famous specialists with world names and plunge into the specifics of the field of their profession.

The most exciting and long-expected event for any student is the graduation ceremony - the day when the study is over and a new stage of life awaits. The Institute makes this day truly unforgettable! After such a grandiose and enchanting event, former students are eager to return to the Institute again and again. In this case, the Institute holds annual Alumni Meeting, at which graduates can meet their old student friends and plunge into pleasant memories of the days at the University.

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