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The Department of Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering was formed in 2013 as a result of the reorganization of the Department of Soil Mechanics, Foundations and Foundations and the accession of the Department of Underground Construction and Hydrotechnical Works.

The department carries out

  • Scientific support of zero-cycle projects with a theoretical and theoretical substantiation, constructive solutions for foundations of high-rise buildings erected in deep pits;
  • Expertise of zero-cycle projects;
  • Comprehensive survey of foundations and above-ground structures of buildings and structures and issuing recommendations;
  • Engineering and geological surveys in field and laboratory conditions (compression, shear, triaxial compression) for reconstructed and projected construction objects with the performance of geotechnical calculations, including: calculation of sediment and basement rolls (tape, free-standing, slab, plate-pile and t .d.) calculation of the stability of the bottom and sides of deep pits, taking into account their fencing, as well as their impact on the surrounding buildings and structures, taking into account the nonlinear and rheological properties of soils;
  • Calculation and design of any types of foundations;
  • Calculation and design of pits fences;
  • Calculation and design of strengthening the bases and foundations of emergency and reconstructed buildings.

A specialized council for the defense of doctoral and master’s theses operates on the basis of the Department headed by Professor Z.G. Ter-Martirosyan. It operates in the following specialties:

  • 05.23.02 - “Foundations and Foundations, Underground Structures”;
  • 25.00.20 - "Geomechanics and the destruction of rocks";

The department trains

  • Bachelors in the direction 08.03.01 Civil Engineering. Profile: Construction engineering, energy, hydrotechnical and environmental facilities.
  • Specialists in the direction of 08.05.01 Construction of unique buildings and structures. Specialization: Construction of underground structures.
  • Master's degree 08.04.01 Civil Engineering.
  • Professional educational program: Soil mechanics, geotechnics and geo-ecology.
  • Postgraduate students in the direction of 08.06.01 Engineering and construction technology. Program: Soil mechanics and geotechnics.

Academic disciplines read by academic staff of the Department:


  • Mechanics;
  • Soil mechanics foundations, foundations of buildings and structures underground structures;
  • Underground construction theoretical fundamentals of soil mechanics;
  • Mechanics of rocky grounds;
  • Foundations and foundations (special course);
  • Foundations in special conditions;
  • Underground structures and their interaction with the surrounding massif;
  • Underground construction technology;
  • The technology of construction of buildings in cramped urban environments;
  • Grounds and foundations of buildings;
  • Foundation reconstruction specialty: applied mechanics (Soil Mechanics, Foundations and Foundations of Structures);
  • Underground space development history building informatics;
  • Underground structures and industrial and civil designs;
  • Geomechanics;
  • Underground structures;
  • Mechanics repair and renovation of underground structures using underground space fundamentals of professional activity;
  • Underground structures and construction of life;
  • Mechanics of underground structures;
  • Theoretical foundations of soil mechanics;
  • Foundations and foundations Soil mechanics in high-rise construction;
  • Foundations and foundations (special course);
  • Underground structures (special course);
  • Numerical modeling in soil mechanics;
  • Safety in geotechnical construction Innovative technologies for construction of underground structures;

Post-graduate course:

  • Introduction to the scientific specialty;
  • Foundations and foundations, underground structures;
  • Geomechanics, destruction of rocks , mining aero gas dynamics and mountain thermal physics;
  • Design and construction of roads, subways, airfields, bridges and transportation tunnels.

Employees of the department are members of the Russian Society for Soil Mechanics, Geotechnics and Foundation Engineering (RSSMGFE), the International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ISSMGE), Russian Tunneling Association (TAP). Z.G. Ter-Martirosyan, V.V. Znamensky, M.G. Zertsalov, N.S. Nikiforova, D.Yu. Chunyuk. They are members of the City Expert Advisory Commission on the grounds, foundations and underground structures under the Government of Moscow. 

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