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About us

The Department of engineering surveys and Geoecology was established in 2016 as a result of the merger of two departments: Engineering Geology and Geoecology of Engineering geodesy.
  • Employees of the Department. 1978.
  • Employees and guests of the Department. 2015. 
In 2015, the Department of engineering Geology and Geoecology (IGITI) of MGSU celebrated its 80th anniversary. The Department was created by one of the founders of engineering Geology, Professor Ivan Popov (head of the Department from 1935 to 1946) at the faculty of hydraulic engineering. This was the first Department of engineering Geology opened in the construction University of our country.

Employees and guests of the Department. 2019. In honor of the celebration of the anniversary of the head of the Department of engineering surveys and Geoecology
 Professor, doctor of science, Lavrusevich Andrey Alexandrovich and the seminar "Geoecological problems of the technogenic stage of the Earth's history".

In recent years, the Department has defended 4 doctoral and more than 10 master's theses in Geoecology and engineering Geology. Scientists of the Department took part in dozens of international scientific conferences of the highest level — and their reports have always aroused great interest. Only in the last few years, the Department's employees have published dozens of articles, a number of new textbooks, manuals, monographs and methodological developments. Currently, the Department of engineering surveys and Geoecology employs 5 doctors of science and 16 candidates of science, and actively develops postgraduate and doctoral studies. Currently, the Department is headed by Professor, doctor of geological and mineralogical Sciences, Andrey Aleksandrovich Lavrusevich. The Department solves the problems of regional engineering Geology, genetic soil science, engineering surveys, engineering geodesy, seismology, hydrogeology, Geoecology and ecology, life safety, creation of educational and methodological support and organization of training of masters in engineering surveys for construction, use of modern information technologies in scientific research and in the educational process 
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