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Nowadays the Department trains personnel in the Bachelor's program (08.03.01 “Civil Engineering” field of study), specialization "Heat and gas supply, ventilation, water supply and water disposal of buildings, structures, settlements" and “Engineering Life Support Systems in Construction”.

The Department of Heat and Gas Supply and Ventilation has Master’s program by specialization "Energy saving and energy efficiency in buildings" and "Heat and gas supply and ventilation" (08.04.01 “Civil Engineering” field of study).

The Department conducts training of specialists in PhD program 08.06.01 “Construction Techniques and Technologies” field od study, specialization “Heat, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Gas and Lighting”.

The Department of Heat and Gas Supply and Ventilation fulfil research projects, implements programs of additional education.

The main training areas are the following:

· Construction thermophysics;

· Heating and ventilation of residential, public and industrial buildings

· Air conditioning and cold supply systems;

· Heat and gas supply systems and boiler plants;

· Energy-saving and energy-efficient technologies.

The topics of senior thesis and projects in the field of construction design in are as close to the real design of heat and gas supply, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems as possible tosolve specific engineering and scientific tasks.

Studies of the state and assessment of the efficiency of existing heat and gas supply systems, heating and ventilation of civil buildings and industrial facilities, as well as high-rise buildings in Moscow are ones of the main fields of work of the Department.

Effectiveness and prospects of research carried out at the Department can be explained by a close connection with industry. Many teachers of the Department combine teaching with practical work in research and design organizations, are members of scientific and technical councils and permanent consultants to relevant departments, institutes and construction organizations.

The Department conducts training of graduate students in the following field:

05.23.03 - Heat, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Gas and Lighting

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