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The Department of Mechanization and Automation of Construction was established by integrating of four Departments – Departments of Machinery, Mechanical Equipment of Construction Industry Enterprises, Process Metallurgies, Construction and Lifting and Transport Machines (affiliated from Moscow State Academy of Public Utilities and Construction). Such combination explains the comprehensive scientific interests of the academic staff of the Department and several fields of training for Bachelor’s, Master’s, Specialist degree, graduate students and doctoral students. The Department offers educational programs in the following fields::

  • construction and technological processes of construction and lifting vehicles, elevators and lifts, mechanical equipment of construction industry enterprises, mechanized tools, powerful excavators and cranes;
  • dynamics, strength and reliability of construction industry machines;
  • calculation and design of mechanical drive of machinery and mechanisms of the construction industry;
  • materials science, triboengineering of construction machinery and equipment;
  • complex mechanization of construction;
  • application of industrial mountaineering methods in construction;
  • welding: stressed-deformed state, technology, equipment.

The Department of Mechanization and Automation of Construction has necessary human and material resources to implement plans for these fields of study, publications and contracts production. The Department has a number of educational laboratories, equipment of which allows carrying out a cycle of laboratory work provided for the programs studied at the Department.

The Department is proud of its long-standing and good scientific and production relations with many design, production and educational organizations in Moscow and the regions, as well as some partnerships with foreign universities.

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