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The Department carries out research projects, implements programs of further vocational education. A wide range of research carried out at the Department is explained by the close connection with the production. Many lecturers of the Department combine teaching activities with practical work in research and building design organizations, they are also members of scientific and engineering councils and consultants of relevant departments, institutes and construction organizations.

The main field of research activity:

1. Building thermal physics of enclosing structures of buildings.

2. Energy saving and energy efficiency.

3. Engineering equipment and systems to maintain the microclimate of industrial buildings and structures.

4. Air conditioning and cooling systems.

5. Gas supply system. Scientific advisor: Associate professor. V. A. Zhila.

6. Theoretical bases for improvement of the microclimate systems in the building.

7. Heat supply and boiler plants.

The results of the research work at the Department are used in lecture courses and practical training on the main disciplines:

• energy saving and energy efficiency of the engineering systems of residential, public and industrial buildings and structures

• improving the efficiency of transportation and combustion of all types of fuel in heat generating plants,

• improvement of environmental characteristics of the applied equipment, research and optimization solutions for centralization and decentralization of heat and power supply systems, hydraulic and thermal modes of heat networks

• improving the reliability of heat and gas supply networks

• engineering and economic optimization of the structure and technical characteristics of gas supply networks

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