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07.03.04 - Urban planning, bachelor's educational program

The bachelor's educational program is directed on training of students in the field of territorial planning and town-planning design. The purpose of preparation is formation of skills of development of town-planning documentation on the basis of comprehensive understanding of city processes and knowledge of technical, composite, architectural, social and economic, ecological aspects of sustainable development of territories.

07.04.04 - Urban planning, master's educational program

The master's educational program is directed on training in carrying out researches of city processes and the phenomena. Students are trained on application of system approach to the analysis of city problems and also the research methods based on application of analytical methods, methods of mathematical and situational modeling.

07.06.01 - Architecture and Urban planning, PhD program

The joint PhD program of Urban planning and Architecture departments is aimed at training of graduate students in the field of architectural and technical science. The result of training is qualification of the teacher - the researcher on scientific specialty 05.23.23 - Urban planning and an opportunity to protect the scientific work on receiving an academic degree of Candidate of Technical Sciences.

International Semester master's program "Sustainable urban design"

This semester Program for master students aims at generating a cohesive picture of sustainable urban environments as well as providing the students and practitioners with theoretical knowledge and practical skills that will allow them to manage urban development in urbanized areas. The Program of this worldwide oriented module aims to train the practical skills and abilities and gain a thorough understanding of planning and design practice of sustainable urban environments. The program prepares city planners who will be able to manage the modern processes in the urban environment from humanistic and esthetic point of view in order to provide a good quality of life, fulfillment of the aims of democracy, spatial justice, and long-term sustainable development of the urban environment.

Additional educational course "Sustainable city", 48 hours

The course is intended for students who wish to expand the knowledge in the field of town-planning and design of the cities. It is carried out together with the Design of Buildings and Constructions department and covers architectural, spatial, planning, constructive and technological problems which arise when developing projects of sustainable development of territories.

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