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Every year the teaching staff of the Department prepares guidelines and manuals for publication, updates laboratory practice. Modern laboratory facilities of the Department allow to conduct classes at a high educational level.

The Department is a regular participant of the scientific and technical conference on the results of research work of students at our University.

Research and design work of the Department staff:

1. Building designs:

1.1. Design of a low-rise residential building in Skolkovo.

1.2. Design of a low-rise residential building, a garage and a bath in the village of Vitinevo.

1.3. Design of a low-rise residential building, a garage and a bath in the village of Mamontovka.

2. Reconstruction projects:

2.1. The project of reconstruction of a public building by the address: 18 Bolshoy Fakelny Lane, Bld.1, Moscow. Architectural Bureau Ltd. "Design solutions". Chief designer prof. A. A. Plotnikov.

3. Inspection and expertise:

3.1. Inspection of translucent structures of the dome of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs by the address: 30 Smolenskaya-Sennaya Square, Bld.2, Moscow.

3.2. Inspection of the building INION after a fire by the address: 51/21 Nakhimovsky Avenue, Moscow.

3.3. Inspection of the buildings of a dining room, a swimming pool and a gym in the children's camp Artek by the address: 41 Leningradskaya Street, Yalta, Crimea.

3.4. Analysis of temperature and humidity in Church of Joseph Volotsky by the address: Moscow Region, Leninsky District, Village of Razvilka.

3.5. Expertise of the translucent roof of the sports and tourist complex "Mountain Carousel" by the address: Sochi, Adler District, Village of Esto-Sadok, the northern slope of the ridge Aibga.

Over the years the teaching staff of the Department of architecture has published more than 150 textbooks, manuals and monographs. More than 170 PhD and 15 DSc dissertations were defended at the Department. Every year the teaching staff of the Department publishes more than 35 scientific articles (20 of them are published in journals included in the list of the Higher Atestation Commission of the Russion Federation, Scopus, Web of Science), they also publish monographs, textbooks and teaching materials.

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