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The history of the Department of Management and Innovation dates back to 2004, when a group of teachers headed by Natalia G. Verstina, who created the Department of Financial Management, separated out of the Departments "Economics and Management in Construction" and "Organization of Construction and Real Estate Management." The main task of the new team was to train specialists and conduct research in the region in demand ща the Russian economy - financial management in the investment and construction sector. Professor, Ph.D. Yuri N. Kulakov, Associate professor, Ph.D. Elena M. Akimova, who carried out the formation and development of scientific and educational activities, played significant role in the history of the Department.

Since the foundation of the Department, it has been tasked with training certified specialists in the specialty 080507.65 "Organization Management." At the first stages, the academic staff conducted lecture courses on the main disciplines in the field of Management. Comprehensive training of managerial personnel at a new high-quality level required the systematic organization of the entire educational process by the teachers of the Department. In 2006 the Department got study programs with graduate chair.

Updating of the educational process required additional involvement of specialists, so that the staff of the Department was replenished with new teachers: D.Eng.Sc., Professor I.V. Kim, Ph.D., Associate Professor T.V. Maslova, Ph.D., Associate Professor I.V. Karakozova, Ph.D., Associate Professor I.S. Polyakova, Ph.D., Associate Professor R.R. Temishev, Ph.D., Associate Professor R.A. Khusnutdinov, senior lecturer P.A. Vasiliev and others. The first unique educational project at the Department was the organization of the MBA program in the field of Civil Engineering in 2006. The development of this program was carried out jointly with an authoritative partner in the field of additional professional education, the Institute for the Development of Modern Educational Technologies.

In 2007 the Department successfully joined the field of innovative development of MGSU, along with the implementation of the main activity. In 2007-2008 the staff of the Department took active part in the development and implementation of the Innovative Educational Program (IEP) "Training a New Generation of Specialists in the Field of Civil Engineering who Create Safe and Comfortable Living Environment." The state support of this program was received by MGSU after winning the competition within the framework of the priority national project "Education." The result of implementation of the local project of the innovative educational program was the creation of the Department of Innovation Structure "Open Network for the Transfer and Dissemination of Professional Knowledge in the Field of Construction." It united 20 MGSU partner universities with the aim to transfer MGSU knowledge to regional partner universities, positioned in this system as regional centers of professionalization, and further - to enterprises of the investment and construction sector.

Practical experience gained during the implementation of the IEP was used to create the 080500.68 "Management" Master's degree program ("Financial Management" program). The first recruitment for this study program took place in the 2009-2010 academic year. For the first time a full cycle of training in the Master`s degree program was implemented on the basis of modern information and distance education technologies at the University. DVDs with a full set of multimedia educational and methodological materials, most of which were developed and presented by academic staff of the Department, were prepared for students.

In 2011 the Department was renamed to the Department of Management and Innovation, to reflect its increased authority and dynamics of development in the scientific and educational fileds.The Department has always strived to fulfill its tasks at a new, innovative level, confirming its name.

In 2011-2013 major research projects for the Department of Urban Planning Policy of Moscow were successfully carried out on the topics of development of integrated scientific support for economic and management technologies to increase the efficiency of urban planning policy. Moreover, researchers focused on practical issues of financing organization process for the construction of housing and social infrastructure facilities of the metropolis, elimination of imbalances in the development of the city in the conditions of synchronization of these processes with the dynamic development of the construction industry in Moscow. An important indicator of the results of consulting activities in the field of higher education development was the receipt of 10 certificates of state registration of databases, among which special attention should be paid: "Regulations for Planning and Organizing Management of the Strategic Development Program of Universities," "Technologies for Effective Management of Financing of Current Activities and the Development Program of the University," "System of Incentives for University Employees Focused on the Development Indicators of the Organization" by leading teachers of the Department in 2012 in the Federal Intellectual Property Service.

Cooperation with other universities aimed at implementing projects of the Development Programs on the effective development technologies, organization of modern management systems for the university, forming of budget management arranged another interesting field of application of the scientific potential of teachers of the Department in practice and constant interest in the management of Russian universities. In collaboration with the National Staff Training Fund, outcomes of the most important projects were implemented, as a result of which over 500 departments of universities were analyzed, modern models of multi-level budgets were introduced into the practice of university management, 18 complex projects for the development of the university were updated for a 10-year development perspective.

In 2013, as part of the implementation of a cooperation agreement between MGSU and Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov, which had been operating in Switzerland for 12 years, the leading teachers of the Department drew up an educational and methodological base in the 080200.62 "Management” field of training ("Financial Management" specialization). The peculiarity of the program was the orientation of the competencies received by students to the requirements of European employers, while graduates of the joint international program, along with the MGSU diploma, also received Moscow State University`s diploma, which provided for mandatory professional language certification.

Nevertheless, there also are sad pages in the history of the Department. Throughout the history of the Department, Professor Yuriy N. Kulakov made invaluable contribution to the development of the scientific activity and pedagogical potential. His untimely death in February 2014 was a great loss for the academic staff of the Department and all his students, who he generously shared his talent with.

In 2014 the Department celebrated its 10th anniversary. The field of scientific research expanded: projects were implemented to update the development programs of federal universities in close cooperation with the National Staff Training Fund. The research work with students was significantly expanded - the "scientific club of the Department" began to operate constantly, within the framework of which teachers and students met to discuss current scientific and practical issues.

2015 was an eventful year for the Department. In February 2015, the Department of State and Municipal Administration was added to the Department of Management and Innovation, which provides training in the 38.03.04 State and Municipal Administration program (profile "Regional Administration"). The Department began updating the unique program "MBA in Civil Engineering": curricula, content of disciplines were updated in accordance with the most relevant needs of managers of the investment and construction sector.

During the same period, a number of employees of the Department (I.V. Karakozova, T.N. Kisel, D.A. Semernin) successfully dealt with issues of improving pricing in construction. In particular, under the leadership of I.V. Karakozova, who works at the Research Analytical Center, a number of important documents were prepared, including "Methodological recommendations for calculating and using the index system by calculating current estimated costs using TSN-2001," "Methodology for estimated rationing of material and technical resources in construction," "Regulation on the document system, classification and designation of documents in the field of pricing and estimated rationing in construction in Moscow," and others. In the period 2015-2020. Teachers of the Department D.A. Semernin and T.N. Kisel carried out projects as part of the reform of pricing in construction, including the development of enlarged estimate standards, a classifier of construction resources.

In 2016 the Department began implementing Engineering Personnel program, which took place in March-April. The first diploma theses were successfully defended. Students completed an internship in Moscow, St. Petersburg and in Germany. Moreover, 2016 marked the 10th anniversary of the MBA program in the field of Civil Engineering.

In 2017 the Department began the preparation and implementation of measures aimed at promoting and developing scientific knowledge among high school students. Within the framework of the "Engineering Class in the Moscow School" and "University Saturdays" projects, organized by the Department of Education and Science of Moscow, academic staff of the Department of Management and Innovation held master classes for Moscow schoolchildren and a series of business games in the field of Project Management, choosing a strategy for behavior in the labor market, and making management decisions.

The period of 2018-2020 was successful for the Department in scientific terms. In November 2018 the Department of Management and Innovation organized and held the All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference in memory of Yuriy N. Kulakov. All representatives of the academic staff of the Department took part in the creation of a collection of works, which presented the main directions of modern scientific research of the Department. The results of the conference can be seen as productive, primarily in scientific terms: many speeches, according to the participants, turned out to be relevant today and promising for the future of the construction industry.

In 2018-2019 the Department actively participated in the international integration of science and education. Articles were published in foreign journals, reported in collections of international conferences. The staff of the Department made significant contribution to the organization and holding of the VII International Scientific and Technical Conference "Solving Environmental Protection Problems in the Construction Industry" in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), took part in the international conference at the Tashkent University of Architecture and Construction (the Republic of Uzbekistan), held a seminar "BIM-technology in the design and construction in a smart city" together with the teachers of the University of Innsbruck (Austria). The VII International Scientific Conference "Integration, Partnership and Innovation in Construction Science and Education", organized by MGSU, was held in November 2020. The Department of Management and Innovation presented several reports in the framework of the section Management in Construction and the Head of the Department of Management and Innovation, Ph.D., Professor Natalia G. Verstina headed the section.

The Department celebrated its 15th anniversary in 2019. That year the leading teachers of the Department developed a unique advanced training program "State and Municipal Administration" for specialists from state and municipal authorities, supervisory authorities, and commercial organizations interacting with the public sector of the Russian economy.

The Department provides active and committed students from the first year of study with an opportunity to start a successful scientific career. Teachers of the Department direct research activity of students with great interest. Over the past six years, students led by Assistant Professor T.S. Meshcheryakova have been actively participating in the international forum "Russian Energy Week."

November 2019 was marked by participation in the First Student Business Forum, one of the key topics of which was the discussion of student entrepreneurship. Since 2019 students of the Department have taken active part in the International Engineering Championship "CASE-IN."

In 2020, the Department won grant of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research "Competition for the best projects of fundamental scientific research." Within the framework of the grant academic staff of the Department began to work on a project to develop methodology for assessing energy efficiency classes of industrial facilities. In the same year, the Department of Management and Innovation, together with the Department of Youth and Information Policy, became the winner of the competition of educational organizations in the nomination "Events aimed at supraprofessional skills developing" held within the framework of the presidential platform "Russia is a country of opportunities."

In the year of the MGSU centenary (2021) the MBA program in the field of Civil Engineering, with over 400 graduates over the years, celebrated its 15th anniversary. During all these years, the program has enjoyed constant success among top management and executives of various investment and construction structures in Russia and abroad. One can note wide geography of students: from all regions of Russia, neighboring countries (China, Kazakhstan, etc.) to European countries (Germany, Italy, etc.). Many teachers of the Department of Management and Innovation are authors of the program courses and prime movers in the use of new technologies in education, which now, with the increasing use of remote technologies, has become an important advantage of the program.

Today, the academic staff of the Department of Management and Innovation consists of 28 teachers, including 3 Professors, 17 Associate Professors, 5 senior lecturers and 3 teachers. 78.6% of the Department's staff are Candidates of Sciences.

In general, we can say that the Department, which is young by university standards, has achieved great success over the years of dynamic development: it has formed a serious scientific and methodological base in the field of management, united a brilliant team of experienced teachers and authoritative researchers who have implemented many educational, scientific and practical projects, and trained hundreds of graduates.

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