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In order to prepare competent, highly qualified economists for the construction complex of the Moscow Region who possess not only a complex of knowledge of the economic profile, but also have good engineering and construction training, in 1974 a faculty of economics and organization of construction was created at the university.

Due to the fact that a qualified economist in construction should be well versed in the specific features of the industry, the curriculum also provides for a fairly in-depth study of the block of engineering disciplines, which allows faculty graduates to have wide opportunities in choosing a job. The faculty had constant contacts with the Complex for the Prospective Development of the City of Moscow, with a large number of construction and design organizations with various forms of ownership, banks, firms, etc. in order to take into account the requirements for graduates as much as possible.

Over the twenty-five years of the existence of the Faculty of Economics, the following have been prepared for the national economy: economists - 1900 people; Automated control system engineers - 600 people; computer aided design system engineers - 350 people. Over the past years, the structure of the faculty has undergone a number of changes.

In 1984, the training of specialists with the qualification of "systems engineer" (2202) - "Automated control systems" was transferred to the faculty of EOMC and the faculty became known as "Economics, Organization and Management of Construction".

In 1986, the faculty began training in the specialty "Computer-aided design systems" (2203), the computer aided design system department was formed. The faculty consisted of four graduate departments: economics and management in construction; construction organization; automated control systems; systems of computer-aided design of construction. Among the faculty teachers worked world-famous scientists, academicians, corresponding members of the Russian Academy of Engineering, the International Academy of Economics and Investments in Construction, doctors and candidates of sciences. 

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