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Department of Construction Organization and Real Estate Management” 

In 2018 the Department “Organization of Construction and Estate Management” of Moscow State University of Civil Engineering celebrated the 88th anniversary. The Department has overcome a lot of difficulties over the last period of time changing its name numerously in accordance with either the main periods of construction management development in the industry or the initiative of the heads of the Department and university: the Department was named "Organization and mechanization of construction work" 1930-1937; "Construction Production" 1937-1947; "Economics and construction management" 1947-1989; "Construction Management" 1989-2000; since 2000 the Department has had the current name "Organization of Construction and Estate Management".

Graboviy Petr Grigorievich, PhD in Technical Sciences, Doctor of Economics, Professor has held the Department since 1997.

The Department “Organization of Construction and Estate Management” is one of the leading and largest chairs in the university nowadays. It specializes on the fundamentals of development, project management, design and estimate documentation expertise; technical, judicial construction and cost expertise; economics and property management; risks management; investment and construction regulation activities and other disciplines connected with the investment and construction projects implementation and various complexity property management.
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