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Employees of the Department of Information systems, technologies and automation in construction are doing a lot of research work on the main innovative areas of development of information processing systems, management, design for construction and a wide range of sectors of the real economy.

The scientific interests of scientists of the Department include such areas as:

- cyber-physical building systems, development of building management systems ("smart", "green", "active", "passive" buildings);

- information modeling technologies;

- multidimensional (N-D) modeling, virtual and augmented reality;

- development of distributed information systems, big data processing and analysis systems;

- modeling and development of control systems and automation of construction production;

- system analysis of organizational and technological reliability of construction systems and many others, including those included in the list of priority areas of development of science, technology and technology.

The results of scientific research of the Department staff are widely published in scientific journals, including those included in the list of recommended by the HAC of the Russian Federation peer-reviewed scientific publications, which should be published the main scientific results of dissertations for the degree of candidate and doctor of science, as well as in journals indexed by international systems of scientific citation. Employees of the Department take an active part in scientific conferences and seminars.

Teachers of the Department of Information systems, technologies and automation in construction together with students conduct research on the most pressing issues of Informatization in construction. The results of the research are regularly reported at the largest, including international, scientific forums in the field of information technology. Professors of the Department head a number of scientific schools.

One of the results of the scientific work of the Department in recent years was the publication of textbooks on the main activities:

Automation systems design in construction: a manual /V. A. Ginsburg, O. M., Baranov, A. A. Volkov [et al.]; under the editorship of A. V. Ginzburg, Moscow: MGSU, 2014. - 664 p.

- Information systems and technologies in construction: textbook / A. A. Volkov, S. N. Petrov, A.V. Ginzburg [et al.]; edited by A. A. Volkov and S. N. Petrov / -M.: MGSU, 2015. - 424 p.

In 2018, the team of NRU MGSU, formed from students of the Department, at the V National Championship of cross-cutting working professions of high-tech industries by the method of WORLDSKILLS HI-TECH - 2018 in Yekaterinburg on the competence of "Information modeling in construction" took first place.

In 2018, by Order of the Government of the Russian Federation, professors of the Department A. A. Volkov and A. V. Ginzburg were awarded the title of "Laureate of the Government of the Russian Federation in the field of education".

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