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Russian as Foreign Language Department

The Department of Russian language established in 1956 is one of the most highly ranked technical universities of Moscow. Today the Department is a part of the Institute of Fundamental Education of Moscow State University (MGSU). Since 2000, MGSU has been a member of the Russian Language and Literature Teachers Association. More than 4,000 foreign students from over 86 countries studied Russian language at the Department. 
For almost 30 years, the students from the Berlin Technical University and from the Higher People's School at Stockholm University take summer classes about the Russian language at the Department of Russian Language. At present summer and winter classes are available to students from EU, India and other countries.

Our language specialists offer full- and part-time training to foreign and Russian speaking students in the following categories:
  • Foreign (Russian) language (RFL);
  • Business Foreign (Russian) language;
  • Verbal communication in Russian;
  • Russian language and spoken culture.
There are 11 student interest groups in the Department studying the language and culture subjects under the guidance of experienced mentors:
  • Oratory art: fundamentals
  • Difficulties of the Russian Language: what has not being taught at schools
  • Reading Russian poetry
  • Through the camera lens site-seeing group
  • Stage performing fundamentals
  • The Syntax workshop
  • Scientific talk in Russian
  • Style practicum: edit yourself
  • Practical course of Russian language phonetics for foreign students
  • Linguistic aspects of the Russian folk songs
  • Conversation club: hands-on spoken Russian.
A special training program called Methods of Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language was developed in the Department for the teachers who instruct foreign students. 
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