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The Department of Applied Mathematics was decided to be formed in 1966 due to the high demand of experts in the field. The first Head of the Department was a well-known expert in mathematical programming methods, Doctor of Physico-Mathematical Sciences, Professor S. I. Zukhovitskiy, who was world famous as an authoritative scientist in the development and application of mathematical programming methods in Economics and Engineering.

The first representatives of the Department’s academic staff were highly qualified teachers and methodologists, Candidates of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Associate Professors T.N. Maslova, I.A. Krasovskaya and D.Kh. Kerimova. They worked at this Department for many years and shared their teaching techniques with several generations of young employees.

The Department focused mainly on the development of numerical optimization methods for solving economic and engineering problems. At the same time, a computing laboratory with electronic equipment was created. New academic disciplines were developed at the Department, students studied programming and began to master mathematical methods for solving applied tasks on electronic computers.

In 1970s, qualified, talented specialists in the field of application of modern mathematical methods to solving applied problems started to work at the Department: A.B. Zolotov, V.N. Varapaev, M.I. Reitman, V.I. Prokopiev and theoretical mathematicians D.N. Akhiezer, S.Yu. Dobrokhotov, N.P. Osmolovskiy, S.M. Kozlov, and others.

At that time, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor Aleksandr M. Protsenko headed, the Department. Under his leadership, new scientific directions for the development of mathematical methods of deformable solid mechanics were laid at the Department.

The period of 1970 - 1990 was the time of significant development of educational, methodological and scientific activities of the Department in a number of fields; it was the time of the Department’s team and its traditions formation. The Department was headed by the Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor Valeriy V. Kucherenko. V.V. Kucherenko was the first student of academician V.P. Maslov. He developed asymptotic and numerical methods for solving partial differential equations and systems. Many students who defended their dissertations under his supervision became teachers of the Department (Yu.V. Osipov, V.A. Popov, L.Y. Motylev, V.B. Berkun, O.Y. Kalugin, etc.).

Scientific works of V.V. Kucherenko and his students were published in the leading Russian mathematical journals of that time. During these years, professors A.M. Protsenko, A.B. Zolotov, V.V. Kucherenko, V.N. Voropaev, V.I. Prokopyev and their students successfully developed methods for solving applied engineering problems. This work was carried out especially intensively at the MISI computing center, which was consistently led by V.N. Varapaev and A.B. Zolotov.

Academic staff of the Department and the staff of the computing center solved hundreds of important scientific and practical tasks for construction organizations and scientific departments of the MISI. The works carried out by the MISI were awarded honorary diplomas of the Ministry of Higher Education of the USSR, VDNH, the developments of the A.B. Zolotov group were awarded the VDNH gold medal. A joint scientific seminar of MIEM and MISI on asymptotic methods and limit transitions under the leadership of Academician of the USSR Academy of Sciences V.P. Maslov and Professor V.V. Kucherenko actively worked at the Department. Under the leadership of A.B. Zolotov and L.A. Bagirov (later M.L. Mozgalyova) the student scientific circle worked effectively. Development and application of new analytical and numerical methods for solving construction problems using and developing modern mathematical foundations and methods were main fields of the circle. A lot of bright scientists and experts came out of the circle, later several Candidates of Sciences and three Doctors of Sciences, students of the circle of the Department joined the academic staff of MISI – MGSU.

The interests of the academic staff were not limited to the main areas of work of the Department. Associate Professor Ph.D. Y.I. Levin was a major specialist in Mathematical Linguistics, Semiotics and Poetics, he was the author of over a hundred works on Russian writers and poets; Associate Professor Ph.D. L.Y. Motylyov became a famous translator of English and American fiction.

In the 1990s, the Department was given a new name "Department of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics". A graduate of MISI, D.Eng.Sc., Professor Mikhail V. Bely was the Head of the Department during these years. Under his leadership, the Department significantly increased the methodological and scientific level of curricula for teaching computer science and mathematics. Teachers I.V. Shirinskaya, Yu.V. Osipov, Zh.I. Mskhalaya, S.P. Zotkin, A.G. Mariyamov, T.N. Maslova, T.V. Kuskova, A.M. Kupfer, E.L. Lopatinskaya, D.V. Pichugin and others played an active role in this process.

Training courses based on Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, FORTRAN, PASCAL, C++, etc. were introduced into the educational process. A collection of scientific papers of the Department "Issues of Applied Mathematics and Computational Mechanics" was published annually, issued by the teams of two MGSU departments – the Department of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics and the Department of Applied Mechanics and Mathematics, edited by University professors V.N. Savostiyanov and V.N. Sidorov.

The Research Center "STADIO", headed by the D.Eng.Sc., Professor Aleksandr M. Belostotskiy, became an active partner of the Department in its scientific activity and practical work.

The Department has trained more than 15 Doctors of Sciences and a significant number of Candidates of Sciences for over forty years of its independent existence.

In 2000, D.Eng.Sc., Professor V.N. Sidorov became the Head of the Department. He began teaching at the Department in 1977 as a part-time teacher, working at the Central Research Institute of Building Structures (TSNIISK) named after V.A. Kucherenko; in 2005 – 2009 he worked as the Director of the Institute of Fundamental Education of the University.

Furthermore, during these years, the Department was headed by Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Pavel A. Akimov, Ph.D. Yuriy V. Osipov; the joint work of the Department of Higher Mathematics and the Department of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics of the University was conducted under the leadership of Yu.V. Osipov and Doctor of Physical Sciences Tatiana A. Matseevich. University students actively participated in scientific conferences, thanks to the organizational abilities of Ph.D. N.S. Blokhina, Ph.D. Yu.V. Osipova and Y.P. Galaguza. Programming circle under the guidance of Ph.D. S.P. Zotkina prepared future winners and prize-winners of international open student Olympiads in computer science, where over 40 medals have been won over 10 years of participation, 2 of which are gold.

The academic staff of the Department is represented by members of the editorial boards of the leading Russian and foreign scientific journals. The international journal "International Journal for Computational Civil and Structural Engineering" is published with the active participation of scientists of the Department. The journal is included in the List of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Russian Federation of leading peer-reviewed scientific journals and publications and is indexed by the Scopus citation database. Its editor-in-chief is Professor V.N. Sidorov (since 2003).

Today, over forty teachers work at the Department, among them is the Academician of the RAASN P.A. Akimov, corresponding members of the RAASN A.M. Belostotskiy and V.N. Sidorov, D.Eng.Sc., Professors V.K. Akhmetov, V.V. Galishnikova, M.L. Mozgalyova, N.N. Rogacheva, as well as teaching masters and staff computing laboratory, providing the work of seven educational computer classes of the Department. The Department improves the methodological level of teaching disciplines thanks to the highly qualified work of its teachers, Candidates of Technical Sciences T.B. Kaytukov, S.P. Zotkin, O.L. Shirokova, T.N. Gorbunova, G.L. Safina and Candidates of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Yu.V. Osipov and O.L. Tolstova. The successful cooperation of the Department with the Scientific and Educational Center for Computer Modeling of MGSU named after A.B.Zolotov significantly improves the educational, methodical, scientific work of the department, in its replenishment by young talented specialists.

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