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Department of Foreign Languages and Professional Communication

The Department of Foreign Languages and Professional Communication was founded in 1959. Since 2012 the department has been headed by Elena Vladimirovna Bessonova, Candidate of Sciences (PhD) in Philology, Associate Professor. The department has 11 associate professors (candidates of sciences), 9 senior lecturers and 7 lecturers.

While teaching students English, French and German, the staff of the department professionally combine traditional methods and innovative educational technologies to enable students to master the language in everyday and professional communication.

To date, the department has created an educational and methodological base of modern textbooks, electronic manuals and other educational materials aimed at forming the foreign language competence of undergraduate and postgraduate students in the profile of the university.

Laboratories equipped with multimedia technical facilities make it possible to effectively use audiovisual technologies in the process of teaching and organizing the work of each student in the group.

The system of distance learning and control is actively used for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

The academic staff of the department regularly improve their professional skills in major universities of the country, linguistic centers abroad, actively participate in all-Russian and international conferences, collaborate with universities in Germany, Austria; increase the level of language competence with native speakers. 
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