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Visa & Registration

Step 1: Applying for Visa

To study at MGSU you will need to apply for a student visa at the Russian Embassy in your country of residence.

Please contact the Russian Embassy in your country to find out what kind of documents you need.

Your travel passport has to be valid for no less than one and a half-year.

MGSU applies to the Federal Migration Service for an official invitation letter (issuance usually takes 1-1,5 months).

PLEASE NOTE! MGSU only supports visa applications for accepted students and does not provide visa support for their family members and/or friends.

Step 2: Visa issuance

All students will be issued a single entry visa. Upon arrival at MGSU, students can apply for a multiple- entry visa that will be valid for the entire period of their studies.

By entering Russian Federation you will be provided with a migration card which has to be filled in before crossing the border.

Step 3: Registration

After entering the territory of the Russian Federation, you are obliged to register your arrival with the International Affairs Office (Visa service) on the first working day following the day of the arrival.

To be registered by MGSU, you should submit the following

· passport;

· visa;

· migration card.

PLEASE NOTE! Every time you leave Russia and come back you need to obtain a migration card and re-apply for registration at the International Affairs Office (Visa service).

Step 4: Multiple-entry visa

This type of visa replaces the single entry visa and is issued for the whole period of your studies. Please, visit the International Affairs Office (Visa service) in order to apply for a multiple-entry visa no less than 45 days before the single-entry visa expires.

Application procedure:

Required documents:

· passport;

· migration card;

· registration;

· 2 photos (3x4 cm);

· visa extension fee payment (1600 RUR);

· certificate of enrollment or letter of referral from the Ministry of education and science (for state-funded students);

· a copy of your contract (for contract students).

Where to go:

International Affairs Office (Visa service)

Block A, office 206A, Yaroslavskoe avenue, 26

E-mail: inter@mgsu.ru

Tel.: +7(499)188-11-16

Additional contact information:

For a full-time degree studies:

Email: inter@mgsu.ru

Tel.: +7 (499) 929-50-12

For exchange and short term studies:

Email: mobility@mgsu.ru 

Tel.: +7 (499) 183-38-01

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