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Russian Government Scholarships

All foreign citizens can apply for a state scholarship to study at higher educational institutions.

To apply for a state scholarship at the MGSU, you should contact the Ministry of Education in your country/Rossotrudnichestvo/Embassy of the Russian Federation. Please follow the reception procedure described below.

1. Register on the site https://future-in-russia.com/ and follow the instructions valid in your home country for obtaining a government-sponsored scholarship. Follow the instructions in your country to fill out the application for a scholarship.

1. Open the «universities» tab on this site, where you can find current lists of universities providing a particular specialty for the current academic year. Choose the specialty and MGSU as your first priority in the university list.

2. Attach electronic copies of documents to the application. Documents are downloaded strictly in PDF format. If the documents are not readable in Russian, then they must be translated and notarized. Your name in the translation of your passport, educational certificate must be spelled out the same way as in a student visa.

PLEASE NOTE: By your arrival at the university, your certificate of education (diploma/certificate, as well as a Transcript) must undergo the procedure of legalization (verification). The student is responsible for checking the guidelines before arriving in the Russian Federation.

3. Next you should download the completed form on the website, print it, put the date and signature, scan in PDF format and upload to the system. Candidates who send questionnaires without a date and a signature to the screening tests are not allowed.

4. After checking the application, wait for approval from the university you have chosen. 

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