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Director of the Institute

Orlov Alexander

Associate professor 

Candidate of Economic Sciences

            Deputy Directors

Kankhva Vadim

Deputy Director for science work

Candidate of Economic Sciences

Borozdina Svetlana

Deputy Director for educational and methodical work,

Head of  Educational and methodical center (EMC)

Candidate of Economic Sciences


Alexander Ginsburg

Head of Department of information systems technology and automation in construction, Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences

Natalya Verstina

Head of Department of Management and Innovation, Professor, Doctor of Economic Sciences

Petr Grabovy

Head of Department of organization of construction and estate management, Professor, Doctor of Economic Sciences

Nezhnikova Ekaterina

Head of the Economics and Management in Construction, Associate professor, Doctor of Economic Sciences

Alexandr Ishkov

Head of Department of Social, psychological and legal communications

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