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The Chair trains highly qualified academic personnel, such as Candidate and Doctors of Engineering Studies within the Framework for Higher Education Qualifications in:

01.02.04 – Mechanics of Deformable Solids, 05.23.17 – Structural Theory.

The Chair’s staff gives lectures and practical studies for the students (Bachelor, Master degree and Specialist programs) in the following majors:

15.03.03 ‘Applied Mechanics’ – Bachelor’s program

01.03.04 ‘Applied Mathematics’ – Bachelor’s program

08.05.01 ‘Construction of unique buildings and structures’ – Specialist’s program

08.03.01 ‘Construction’ – Bachelor’s program

07.03.01 ‘Architecture' – Bachelor’s program

07.03.02 ‘Renovation and restoration of architectural heritage’ – Bachelor’s program 20.03.01 ‘Fire safety’ – Bachelor’s program

The Chair trains Master’s Students in the following field of study:

15.04.03 – Applied Mechanics

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