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On April 16, MGSU hosted the Nationalities Day, held in its Assembly Hall by the Interclub of the centre for international education, Department for coordination of international cooperation. The event was prepared and launched by the students and postgraduates of different nationalities who had arrived from versatile countries and who study at our university and other educational institutions. Besides, several creative teams delivered their performances... more info→
A delegation from the Karakalpak State University visited MGSU on April 11, 2019. The programme of the visit comprised a meeting with Andrey Volkov, Acting Rector, and the execution of eight agreements covering the network-based implementation of “Construction” and “Architecture” educational programmes, including:... more info→
Many foreign students study at MGSU. Therefore, representatives of embassies and foreign ministries, responsible for the training of the knowledge workforce in their countries, come to the university quite often. On April 12, 2019, a high-ranking delegation of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan made a visit to MGSU... more info→
International Workshop "Urban Infrastructure"
From February 25 to March 3, the International Workshop "Urban Infrastructure" was held at NRU MGSU. Students from Bauhaus University Weimar (Germany) and the Department of Urban Planning of the Institute of Construction and Architecture took part in it. Within the framework of the workshop, project proposals were developed to improve the transport and planning solution for the territory of NRU MGSU ... more info→
11th Stage of the “Russian Institutions of Higher Education” Project
National Research Moscow State University of Civil Engineering, acting together with 17 other Russian universities, took part in the 11th stage of the project “Russian Institutions of Higher Education” held in Vietnam from February 25 through March 1, 2019... more info→
Public Lecture Delivered by Valery Ivanovich Telichenko, President, MGSU
On February 12, Valery Ivanovich Telichenko, President, MGSU, delivered a public lecture entitled “Green building. Why green standards?” in the university’s conference hall. In the present-day world, environmental protection turns particularly relevant for a number of technological, economic, agricultural, and even social reasons... more info→

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