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The admission procedure

The application should be sent before 1st June 2018  to Summer School Coordinator's e-mail: Summerschool@mgsu.ru.

Deadline is extended till 15th of June 2018!

The application must include the following documents: 
  • application form
  • curriculum vitae, 
  • motivation letter, 
  • a copy of passport.

The main course fee is 500 EUR

The main course fee includes:
  • tuition, 
  • teaching materials, 
  • accommodation in MGSU dormitories, 
  • daily lunch at the University canteen,
  • 2 field trips, 
  • internet access to MGSU and dormitories,
  • free access to MGSU library, 
  • cultural program.
Students can opt-in for Intensive Russian language course for 100 EUR.
After successful completion of the main course students will receive the certificate of participation and awarded 3 credit points (ECTS) and 1credit point (ECTS) for completion of Russian language course.
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