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20th Century Mass-Housing RE3 | Summer School 
August 15 - 26 2022, Moscow, Russia
RE-valorization – re-discovery of various mass-housing concepts with strong social foundation and a deep study, finding still unknown values and achievements of different architecture and planning approaches. 
RE-vitalization – re-using and re-thinking 20th century mass-housing experience and relevance to modern living standards and possibilities of re-configuration to new functions.
RE-storation − reconstruction and restoration concerns including modern architecture specifics i.e. reinforced concrete and experimental materials, prefabricated parts etc.
Introduction to the course: This course gives a wide overview of the architectural solution of the residential development in Moscow of the 20th century. Following an introduction to the history of architecture and the urban development in Moscow during the century of experiments will be surveyed with special reference to the works of Russian Avant-garde.

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January 31 - February 11, 2022 
Moscow and Kolomna, Russia  

Covid-19 notice: The winter school will be held on-campus. As of 2nd December 2021, students from 82 countries can travel to Russia for studies, including students from Germany, Serbia, Finland, Turkey, Italy, Bulgaria, USA and others. List of countries is regularly updated and we expect more countries to be added soon, please contact us for updates and questions.
Students, traveling to Russia are required to provide first PCR test that is done no later than 48 hours before arrival and second PCR test that is done no later than 72 hours after arrival to Russia. 
Participants can come 2-3 days before the start of the school to have time to make second PCR test.

Introduction to the course: Winter school will be focused on interdisciplinary design goal featuring historical landscape, industrial architecture site renovation, public and residential housing integration. Most of the Moscow Region historical settlements suffer nowadays from dramatic economy and social changes – decline of XIX and XX centuries industry and fast conversion of independent municipalities towards off-Moscow ‘dormitory districts’ via uncontrolled urban sprawl and over-rational raise of density. Such challenges can be solved together with local heritage preservation activists, international urban planning and architecture expertise. 

Scholarship: This Winter School is supported by DAAD go east! program. Students from Germany are eligible to apply for financial support. Check How to apply & Fees section for more information. 

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