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Stand for static tests of safety-catching nets

32 Stand for static tests of safety-catching nets

Carrying out statistical tests of the protective catching grids.

Technical characteristics:

The stand consists of:

  • normalizing NU-420 amplifier DC 1-canal exit of 4 to 20mA galvanic outcome, continuous power of 18 to 36 V 0.2A, IP65 body
  • weight measuring sensor of C2 type (7 ton load), length of cable is 10 m
  • power transmitting device, eye with the spherical C2-3.5.7t bearing (С2/Ш3-7)
  • cable sensor of movement of RX80-2000-420A-SA-L10

Additional information:

Manufacturer: LLC "Small Innovative Enterprise INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS"

Country: Russian Federation

Production year: 2014

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