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Large shallow-water basin

16 Large shallow-water basin

Basin is designed for research of wave loads on marine and storage hydraulic engineering works

Main fields of research:

· research of stress-strain behavior and stability of hydraulic engineering works in conditions of influence of nature and process loadings

· modeling investigations of hydraulic engineering works

· research of forming of alluviums at near-shore area

· modeling research of river bed evolution during construction, operation and emergency situations at hydraulic engineering works

· research of interaction between hydraulic engineering works and various objects (ships, ice features etc)


· pendulum-type wave generator, vibration frequency 0,5-2,0 Hz, wave range 3,0-20 cm

· transportable barrier panel

· video recording system

· transportable dampers

· pumps for water sewage

Special characteristics:

· basin equipped with a system of water admission and water sewage

· it is possible to supply with a water from water storage or water pipe

· water sewage is possible by gravity or by pump

Equipment for metrical support:

· strain-gage instrumentation

· strain gauge measuring system

· various force transducers.

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