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    Civil Engineering Summer School “Smart House design”

Civil Engineering Summer School “Smart House design” welcomes all students interested in modern practices of Smart House design in Smart City environment.

The course consists of two modules: "Russian language" and “Smart House design”. The course language is English.

Our two-week course is perfect to gain professional knowledge and to learn/to improve the Russian language basics at the same time. 

Module "Russian language"

The course aims to improve listening, reading, writing and speaking skills, practice and expand students’ vocabulary and knowledge of grammar and phonetics.

Students can start intensive Russian courses without any knowledge or can improve their Russian language skills. The course is offered at all levels and starts with a baseline test.  According to the test results, language groups are formed in accordance with the European system of knowledge levels: elementary, basic, first certification.

Contents of the module: Russian as a foreign language, Russian speaking and listening, Russian Communication Skills, Russian for Academic Purposes.

Module “Smart House design”

Smart House and Smart Cities technologies went past local management of microclimate, lighting etc. Today it is software and hardware complexes for effective real estate management, that cover the entire lifecycle of buildings and structures with all processes from water quality control to emergency evacuation management and budget planning processes. On the city scale, those are systems for managing municipal utilities, transportation and resources. The rapid development of information technologies and shift to BIM design makes “smart” technologies in construction and municipal complex even more so relevant.

Moscow State University of Civil Engineering (MGSU) is one of the leading competence centres in BIM-technologies and Smart Cities. In 2008, “Smart city” laboratory was founded inside University. The laboratory’s scientific vision is led by Rector of MGSU, D.sc, professor, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences Andrey A. Volkov. MGSU laboratory “Smart city” developed first in Russia code of practice for application of BIM-technologies (Code of Practice “Information modelling in construction. Rules for organization of work in operation and technical department”) Laboratory realizes number of large city projects with “Smart House/Smart City” concept in Moscow and Moscow region. In 2017 new Engineering centre “Systems engineering in construction” was established in MGSU. The Center is aimed to implement production projects focused on hardware support of Smart House and Smart City management systems.


Program of the summer school will be focused on the next topics:


  1. Building as management object
  2. Security systems
  3. Comfort management systems - climate, light and multimedia.
  4. Energy-efficient building management.
  5. BIM FM technologies - efficient operation using BIM technologies.


Summer school program will include site visits to the relevant companies and realized projects alongside with creating of own project using state of the art computer technologies.

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