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The admission procedure

Deadline for application:
  • November 22th 2021 for DAAD go.east! applicants.
  • January 16th 2022 for everyone else. 
The application should be sent to Winter School Coordinator's e-mail: Summerschool@mgsu.ru

By the admission application deadline you must provide the following documents: 
After you are admitted to the program you must provide the following documents: 
  • a scanned copy of your diploma/certificate for the last university degree you received OR if you are on your bachelor studies, then a scanned copy of your preuniversity education (e.g. a school-leaving certificate) 
  • a certificate of enrollment 
Please name your files as instructed below:

Required document:           File name:         
Application formApplication form_Name Surname
Curriculum vitae
CV_Name Surname
Motivation letterMotivation letter_Name Surname
A copy of passportPassport_Name Surname
A scanned copy of diplomaDiploma_Name Surname
A certificate of enrollment Enrollment_Name Surname

The course fee is 600 EUR.

The course fee includes:
  • accommodation in MGSU dormitories (2 persons per room)
  • tuition (Russian language course included), 
  • overnight stay in Kolomna hostel (3 persons per room)
  • internet access on campus and dormitories 
  • cultural program
After successful completion of the summer course students will be awarded with 3 credit points (ECTS) and 1credit point (ECTS) for completion of Russian language course.

DAAD go east! Scholarship
Students from Germany are eligible to apply for financial support. 
The DAAD scholarships are partial scholarships. The scholarship holders are expected to make a reasonable contribution towards the costs. The partial scholarships consist of: 
  • a travel allowance (depending on the country), 
  • a scholarship rate (flat rate to cover subsistence costs), 
  • a maximum amount to cover the participation fee of up to a maximum of € 650. 
Interested students should apply for admission to the winter school and, in parallel, apply for funding from the DAAD at www.goeast.daad.de
Please read carefully admission procedure for scholarship in order to be eligible for selection!

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