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MGSU Branch in Mytishchi



MGSU Branch equipped with excellent facilities, computer classes, laboratories, sports and gyms, and a student club is located in Mytishchi. Over 600 bachelors and1300 specialists have been trained at three departments of the branch during its existence!



MGSU Branch in Mytishchi has always been an important division in the structure of the university, not only carrying out the training of highly qualified experts for the construction industry, but also conducting great scientific research. Implementation of the "Integrated development of the branch" project is an urgent task for the coming years for the management and employees of the branch; one of the goals of the project is to create a unified system of continuing professional education on the basis of the branch: training of qualified workers - training of mid-level personnel - higher education. The successful implementation of this project will strengthen the branch's position in the industry, as well as solve personnel problems and scientific and technical tasks of Moscow and the Moscow region in the field of construction and housing and communal services.


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