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Main fields of scientific activity:

1. Calculation and design of high-rise and unique buildings and structures.

2. Safety and survivability of buildings and structures in special effects of man-caused character. Methods for assessing and reducing risks.

3. Seismic resistance of reinforced concrete and stone buildings, taking into account emerging damage.

4. Structural safety of reinforced concrete, stone and masonry structures. Methods of strengthening and restoration.

5. Recycling of concrete. Reinforced concrete structures using secondary aggregate concretes.

Research topics:

1. Risk assessment and safety of buildings and structures in case of natural and man-made emergencies.

2. Reliability calculation methods and optimal design of reinforced concrete structures.

3. Dynamic calculation of reinforced concrete structures under fire effects.

4. Vibration protection of buildings, structures, equipment.

5. Calculation of structures for dynamic loads in consideration with damages.

6. Assessment of the technical condition of constructive elements of buildings and structures with long service life and special effects, methods of restoration and strengthening of load-bearing elements.

7. Resistibility of reinforced concrete structures under low-cycle loads.

8. Study of spatial interaction of load-bearing elements of multi-storey frame systems.

9. Behavior of reinforced concrete and stone structures with defects and damages.

10. Strain-stress distribution research and calculation of reinforced concrete structures by using computer simulation.

11. Resistance dynamics to the progressive collapse of monolithic frame buildings.

12. Calculation analysis of structures under different operating conditions and with a changing design model within the structure life cycle.

13. Improving the seismic resistance of buildings with stone and reinforced concrete load-bearing elements of existing buildings and structures.

In total, according to the results of scientific research for 2011-2017, the staff of the department published about 300 scientific articles, including over 150 ones in journals of the HAC list, over 25 articles in the international citation database of Scopus, Web of Science and others, received more than thirty patents, won gold medals at various exhibitions of inventions, made over 50 reports at scientific conferences, seminars, symposiums; prepared 9 master's and 1 doctoral dissertations; published 5 monographs.

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