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The department of Metal and Timber Structures trains students in the following directions of preparation:

08.03.01 "Civil Engineering"

08.04.01 "Civil Engineering "

08.05.01 "Construction of Unique Buildings and Structures"

08.06.01 "Engineering and Construction Technologies”

The department carries out research in the following areas:

Metal Structures:

- study of the actual work and analysis of spatial beam systems, including taking into account the constrained torsion of thin-walled beams of the open profile and the design of the joints of the structural elements;

- study of the effect of initial imperfections on the bearing capacity of metal structures;

- study of the actual work and analysis of light-weight cold-formed structures;

- development of methods of analysis and design of hanging membrane metal structures;

- metal dome structures - frameworks, structural elements, methods of erection, assembly accuracy, computing modeling of erection, investigation of construction errors, assessment of the effect of errors on the stress-strain state of dome system;

- study of the survivability of metal structures with local damages;

- study of the actual work of steel frames of multi-story civil buildings;

- study of the actual work of spatial frameworks of existing industrial buildings, subjected to reconstruction

- development of methods for analysis and design of composite monolithic and precast-monolithic structures of floors and columns (including composite steel-concrete structures) of multi-story buildings with a steel frameworks.

Timber and Plastic Structures:

- development and improvement of new forms of light building structures made of timber and synthetic materials;

- development of new types of compounds of timber and plastics;

- development of new methods for analysis of timber structures;

- study of the actual work of timber structures in different maintenance conditions;

- evaluation of technological and maintenance defects and damage of timber structures;

- development of the methods for increasing of reliability and durability of timber structures.

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