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Department of Technologies of Cohesive Materials and Concretes teaches students the necessary disciplines: technology of concrete, building products and structures, design of construction industry enterprises, methods of research and quality control of building materials, nanomodified building materials and products; and others. For undergraduate and graduate students read specialized disciplines. Teachers of the Department are supervisors of masters and PhD students at work on dissertations. During many years the department realizes professional collaboration with a lot of organizations in the construction field: construction departments, science research institutes (“Construction Department 155”, “Сoncrete and Reinforced Concrete Research Institute”, “Research Institute Mosstroy”, “MC-BAUCHEMIE”).

Scientific direction:

1. Dependence of concrete properties on their structure.

2. Increasing the water resistance of concrete in humid hot climate;

3. Increasing the resistance of reinforced concrete of marine hydraulic structures

4. Increase of operational properties of hydraulic concrete by modification of their structure by complex additives;

5. The structure and properties of large-size ceramic building products and their production technology.

6. Fiber concretes, reinforced with composite fiber.

7. Composite binders for concrete and reinforced concrete products.

8. Research of buildings materials efficiency.

9. Research of additives influence on structure and properties of cement brick.

10. Waterproof increasing methods of concrete binders.

11. Adapted superplasticizers in modern technology of concretes.

12. Nano-modified composit materials.

The department’s science and teaching staff regularly publishes science articles in peer-reviewed print publications and monographs, participates in science conferences and in execution of contract-based researches and government contracts, and also improve their professional qualification in specialized courses and in internships abroad.

The department of Binder materials and concrete technology has all necessary equipment to test all the characteristics of concrete and concrete mixtures that are may be used in construction. Students studying binders and concrete mixtures can determine rheological properties with the Vicat apparatus, Southard viscometer, Abrams cone and other instruments, also they can test concrete specimen for compressive and bending tensile strength on the modern compression-test machine manufactured by Controls and determine freeze-thaw durability in the climatic chamber, and to execute a number of other specialized tests.

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