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Department of Construction Technologies and Construction Process Management

Department of Construction Technologies and Construction Process Management was established in 1949. Since then over 4500 engineers, scientists and experts have been prepared, including more than 30 Doctors of Science, 250 research doctorates, 60 Masters. The department’s graduates are specialists of various competency profiles: engineering, manufacturing, managing, science researching, and teaching. A lot of them work at different design and research institutes of Russia and other countries, acting as head managers, chief engineers, and heads of laboratories. In addition to teaching activity, the department regularly carries out science research in field of construction materials, resource saving, design of non-waste technologies of environmentally-safe construction materials, design of new types of the binder materials. The department participates in preparing of engineers and technology construction specialists, scientists and teaching staff. Moreover, academic staff of the department works on the designing of educational materials literature. All necessary conditions for preparing high-qualification specialists for multiple types of modern challenges are provided. During many years the department maintains partnerships with various organizations in the construction field.
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