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A range of subjects for scientific works of the department is wide and includes research on the most relevant issues of construction materials.

The main scientific directions of the department are:

·         Materials science aspects of improving reliability of building products and structures at the stage of production and consumption;

·         Development of highly effective modified waterproofing concretes;

·         Nanotechnological strengthening of lightweight and ultralight cement grouting, masonry and plaster materials with hollow microspheres in the process of application and operation due to self-stressing of components;

·         Improvement of the performance characteristics of cladding products from carbonate rocks by treatment with metal sulfates due to surface processes at the nanolevel;

·         Modern energy-efficient lightweight and ultralight plaster and mortar;

·         Efficient building materials with the use of chrysotile cement wastes;

·         Development of effective lightweight and ultralight cement materials for conditions of abnormally low plastic pressure and permafrozen rocks, plasters and mortars used at negative temperatures;

·         Mineral-based penetrating waterproofing materials;

·         Reliability problems of lightweight and ultralight grouting materials in the construction and operation of oil and gas wells;

·         Problems of increasing crack resistance of heat-insulating cement grouting, masonry and plaster materials. Rheology issues.

Over the years the department’s existence, its professors have published over 130 textbooks, received more than 150 patents, passed about 180 candidate and 12 doctoral defenses. Leading professors are the authors of articles on construction issues for the Great Russian Encyclopedia, staff of the department act as construction experts on television and in periodicals. Final qualification works and dissertations defenses are passed annually. The Department of Construction Materials Science has a research laboratory with modern equipment. Moreover, the department includes one research center of nanomaterials and nanotechnologies http://www.nocnt.ru/en/.

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