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The Department of Construction Materials Science is one of the fundamental specialized educational departments of the university. The main challenges of the department are to teach students basic material science disciplines and research in the field of obtaining new building materials and improving the properties of existing ones.

The Department of Construction Materials Science was founded in 1933. Since then, the department has been represented by leading experts in the field of building materials in Russia. During the Second World War, members of the department participated in construction of defensive fortification and reconstruction of the war-ravaged cities. At the same time, the department developed methods of using concrete and brick rubble of demolished structures as aggregate for concrete. The theory and methods of winter concrete pouring provided the opportunity for year-round construction. Experts of the department took part in the development of materials and technologies and construction throughout Russia and across the world.

At present, the department holds classes in the disciplines "Building materials", "Modern building materials and systems", "Corrosion and protection methods of materials, products and structures" and general chemical disciplines for Bachelor, Specialist and Master degree programs students.

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