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At Architecture department research activity in the most relevant and perspective directions is conducted:

- Sustainable development in architecture, complex architectural design of ecosteady buildings, energy efficient and innovative solutions in architectural design.

- History and theory of architecture, preservation of architectural heritage, reconstruction, restoration, revitalization of buildings and territories.

- Architectural design of buildings of various functional purpose, architectural aspects of the environment, architectural physics, formation of city spaces, landscaping, reflection of natural forms and ways of functioning of ecosystems in architectural design.

Besides educational and research activity, at Architecture department there is such modern and demanded area of work as participation in exhibitions, competitions and other information and education actions in the field of architectural design.

Staff of department participates in exhibitions as experts, makes reports at the largest conferences of the industry, works as a part of judges of architectural competitions in Russia and abroad.

Students of department are permanent participants and winners of many prestigious international competitions.

The management and staff of department is in continuous interaction with representatives of the state and public organizations of the architectural and construction industry, the leading international and Russian companies. Thus emergence of new trends in the world of architectural design, current trends of development and the perspective areas of work find the reflection in activity of department. 

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