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The main directions of research activity of the department:

The department conducts research activities in the following areas: 
  • The development of new analytical models of the soil, allowing consideration of its rheological properties, behavior under dynamic loading, accounting for nonlinearity; 
  • The study of frozen soils and the development of new methods of preserving the natural state of permafrost; 
  • Improvement of existing technologies and methods of conducting work of the zero cycle; 
  • Development of methods for calculating the modern structures (barrett pile, anchoring); 
  • Reconstruction and strengthening of foundations; risks in geotechnical construction, ensuring integrated safety; 
  • Improvement of methods for calculating shallow foundations, pile foundations and deep foundations; 
  • Development of progressive types of foundations. 
As part of the contractual activities, the staff of the department perform: scientific support of zero-cycle projects with a theoretical calculation and design solutions for foundations of high-rise buildings erected in deep pits; 
  • Drawing up programs and analyzing the data of monitoring the movements of new construction facilities, surrounding buildings and communications, including increased responsibility; 
  • Expertise of zero-cycle projects and survey programs; 
  • Comprehensive survey of foundations and above-ground structures of buildings and structures and issuing recommendations; 
  • Engineering and geological surveys in field and laboratory conditions (compression, shear, triaxial compression) for reconstructed and projected construction objects with the performance of geotechnical calculations, including: calculation of sediment and basement rolls (tape, free-standing, slab, plate-pile and t .d.) calculation of the stability of the bottom and sides of deep pits, taking into account their fencing, as well as their impact on the surrounding buildings and structures, taking into account the nonlinear and rheological properties of soils; 
  • Calculation and design of any types of foundations; 
  • Calculation and design of pits fences; 
  • Calculation and design of strengthening the bases and foundations of emergency and reconstructed buildings.
The department has two educational laboratories, equipped with equipment for laboratory work on the course "Soil Mechanics". In addition, in the framework of cooperation with the SEC "Geotechnics" classes with masters and graduate students of the department are conducted with the involvement of equipment SEC.
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