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Department of Hydraulics and Hydrotechnical engineering

Dmitry Vyacheslavovich Kozlov - head of the Department of " Hydraulics and Hydrotechnical Engineering", Doctor of technical science, Professor.
The department of “Hydraulics and Hydrotechnical Engineering” was organized in 2016 as a result of the merge of two large departments, which combined specialized departments:

  1. Hydraulic engineering:
    • Hydraulic structures (1931)
    • Water management and seaports (1943)
    • Hydrotechnical works implementation (1954)
  2. Hydraulics and water resources
    • Hydraulics
    • The use of water power (1931)
    • Management of natural and technogenic environment
The first head of the department was Professor N.I. Anisimov.
The Department of " Hydraulics and Hydrotechnical Engineering" prepares specialists in the field of river and sea hydrotechnical construction (the design and the construction of river hydroelectric complexes, concrete dams of various types and structures, dams made of local materials, water supply and water spillway facilities, sea and river waterways, ports, canals, navigation, berthing, ship repair and underground hydraulic structures).
Scientific leaders of the department:
Rasskazov L.N.
Kantarzhi I.G
Aniskin N.A.
Levachev S.N.
Tolstikov V.V.
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