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The main fields of research activity of the department are the following:

1. Stress-strain state of ground dams in a flat (2D) and spatial (3D) formulation, taking into account the creep of materials.

2. Stress-strain state of concrete dams in a flat (2D) and spatial (3D) formulation, taking into account the creep of materials.

3. Filtration in the base through and around the structure (in spatial formulation), taking into account the filtration anisotropic properties of materials in stationary and non-stationary formulations.

4. Thermal condition of concrete dams during construction and operation.

5. Safety of dams and other structures.

6. Safety of water transport hydraulic structures.

7. Interaction of all types of hydraulic structures of water transport with the soils of the foundations.

8. Shipping facilities survey.

9. Impact of ice formations on the seabed and underwater structures.

10. Modeling of hydro-lithodynamic processes in the coastal zone of the sea, impacts and loads on marine hydraulic structures.

11. Modeling of the marine environment pollution at the stages of construction and operation of marine hydraulic structures, comprehensive environmental assessment of projects.

12. Hydromechanics and engineering hydraulics.

Department’s leading scientific supervisors:

  • L.N. Rasskazov
  • I.G. Kantarzhi
  • N.A. Aniskin
  • S.N. Levachev
  • V.V. Tolstikov

Over the years, several scientific directions have been formed at the department. In the post-war period, the main efforts were aimed at improving hydraulic properties of the elements of the flow path of jet turbines (turbine chambers, stator columns and suction pipes); clarifying the methods of hydraulic calculation of energy structures of derivational hydroelectric power plants (settling tanks and equalization tanks, as well as energy water intakes); obtaining and analyzing full-scale experimental data on transient processes in hydraulic units and unsteady modes in their pressure systems. The research was led by F.F. Gubin, V.A. Orlov and G.I. Krivchenko. In 1960-1970s these studies were continued under the supervision of M.F. Gubin, I.E. Mikhailov, E.L. Mityurev, N.N. Arshenevsky. As a result, application in the projects of many major domestic and foreign hydroelectric power plants was found. This, in turn, led to six monographs, a number of candidate dissertations and doctoral dissertations by G.I. Krivchenko, I.E. Mikhailov and N.N. Arshenevsky.

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