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The main directions of research activity of the department:

  1. Stress-strain state of earthen and concrete dams.
  2. Filtering in the foundations through and bypassing the structure.
  3. Thermal condition of concrete dams during the construction and the investment periods.
  4. Safety of dams, water transport and other hydraulic structures.
  5. Researches of shipping facilities.
  6. The impact of ice formations on the seabed and underwater structures.
  7. The modeling of hydro-lithodynamic processes in the coastal zone, impacts and loads on marine hydraulic structures, marine pollution and integrated environmental assessment of projects.
In recent years, the department completed a number of projects, each of which puts forward new scientific problems:
  1. Scientific and technical support for the design of hydraulic structures of a floating nuclear thermal power plant in Pevek.
  2. Mathematical modeling of waves, currents and lithodynamical processes at the site of engineering protection structures of the Imereti lowland, in Sochi.
  3. Mathematical and physical modeling of wave processes to ensure the development of project documentation for the construction of the project “The Complex of Coastal and Marine Infrastructure in the port of Gelendzhik”.
  4. Development of an interactive mathematical model of wind waves and currents in the area of the proposed construction of the Object: “A complex for the production, storage, and shipment of liquefied natural gas and stable gas condensate at the Salmanovsky (Utrenny) oil and gas condensate field”.
Оur achievements:

Topics recently defended theses:
  1. "The stress-strain state of stone-earthen dams during seismic effects", author: Nguyen Phuong Lam (Vietnam), Supervisor: Rasskazov L.N.
  2. "Anisotropic filtration in dams and foundations", author: Makhsa Memarianfard (Iran), Supervisor: Aniskin N.A.
  3. “longshore transfer pebbly and sandy nonuniform sediment in the presence of transverse hydraulic structures”, author: Bondareva E.V., Supervisor: Kantarzhi I.G.
  4. “Filtration-temperature regime of the system "Dam-foundation"”, author: Aniskin N.A., for the degree of doctor of technical sciences.
The most significant publications of the department staff:
  1. Hydraulics: a textbook for universities/A. A. Gusev. - M.: Publisher Yurayt, 2013. - 285 p.
  2. Hydrotechnical structures (river): a textbook for universities/L.N. Rasskazov and others. -M. Publisher АСВ, 2011. Parts 1, 2.
  3. Hydrodynamics of Circulation Flows: Scientific publication/Zuykov A.L.-M. Publisher Association building universities, 2010. - 216 p.
  4. Wave calculations in the design of ports [Electronic resource]: a tutorial/Pilyaev, SI, Gubina, NA — Electronic Text Data. —M. Moscow State University of Civil Engineering, 2010.— 96c.
  5. Hydraulics of water and suspended flows in rigid and deformable boundaries/Bryanskaya Yu. V., Markova I. M., Ostyakova A. V./Edited by V. S. Borovkov: Monograph. - M.: Publisher Association building universities, 2009. - 264 p.
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