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At the department of SOTAE, engineering and technical workers with higher professional education are trained according to the programs: undergraduate, specialty, master's program. As well as the training of highly qualified specialists - graduate students and doctoral students. 

Since 2014, teachers of the department of SOTAE have been carrying out targeted training of bachelors for enterprises of the construction complex of the State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom. Employees of the department of SOTAE are actively involved in retraining and advanced training of workers in the nuclear industrial complex. 

Over the years, we have been successfully interacting with a number of higher educational institutions in Europe. In this direction, cooperation with the Technical University of Berlin is most developed. 

Teachers and employees of the department of SOTAE published dozens of thematic textbooks, teaching aids and guidelines, including those published abroad. Scientific research of teachers, employees and graduate students of the Department of SOTAE is aimed at solving the whole range of fundamental and applied problems in the field of construction of nuclear energy facilities, dozens of candidate and doctoral dissertations have been successfully defended. R&D results were implemented at nuclear facilities in Russia and abroad, in research centers and in production, in particular, at numerous nuclear power plants in the USSR, Russia, Hungary, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Cuba, China, India, Belarus, etc., and charged accelerators particles in Dubna, Protvino, Troitsk, etc., at civil engineering facilities. 

The teaching, industrial and scientific activities of employees and graduates of the joint department are marked by Government awards, State prizes, honorary and academic titles.
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