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The Department trains specialists and certifies qualified personnel - Bachelors, Masters and Ph.D. programs students. They solve the entire complex of tasks of water supply and sanitation of populated areas, industrial enterprises and deal with issues of water resources protection.

For many years, Departments of Water Supply and Water Disposal and Water Ecology, which became part of the current Department of Water Supply and Water Disposal, trained graduates in the field of study 2908, 270112 "Water Supply and Water Disposal."

Nowadays the Department trains bachelors in 08.03.01 "Civil Engineering” program, specialists in the Heat and Gas Supply, Ventilation, Water Supply and Sanitation of Buildings, Structures, Settlements with an in-depth study of special disciplines in the field of water supply, sanitation, treatment of natural and wastewater.

Since 2021 there is a field of study 08.03.01 "Civil Engineering”, specialization "Water Supply and Water Disposal" at the Department.

In 2022 the updated Master’s program "Water Supply, Sanitation and Water Resources Protection Systems" (08.04.01 Civil Engineering) appeared at the Department.

The Department trains research and teaching personnel in the 08.06.01 "Civil Engineering” postgraduate program with specialization "Water supply, sewerage, construction systems for the protection of water resources." Department employees participate in additional vocational education programs.

Training of qualified personnel for all types of activities in the field of water supply, sanitation and protection of water resources determines the demand of graduates from the Department in construction, design, operation services and environmental organizations. 

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