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The main scientific fields of studies of the Department are:

  • Research and modeling of water supply and distribution systems;
  • Study of modern methods of surface and groundwater treatment for potable and service water supply;
  • Improvement of biological wastewater treatment facilities, study of methods for deep treatment of wastewater from nitrogen and phosphorus compounds;
  • Development of resource-saving technologies for water management of industrial enterprises;
  • Development of technologies and equipment for water treatment in water disposal systems of industrial enterprises;
  • Membrane technologies in natural and wastewater treatment;
  • Trenchless technologies of the construction and reconstruction of water supply and drainage networks;
  • Reliability of water supply systems and their components;
  • Energy and resource saving in water supply and sanitation systems of settlements;
  • Utilities for buildings, structures and populated areas;
  • Design and calculation of water supply networks with their high degree of reliability;
  • Improvement of approaches to renovation and construction of water supply and drainage systems pipelines by trenchless methods;
  • Upgrade and calculation of water supply and distribution systems in buildings;
  • Energy-saving water supply and sanitation systems;
  • Development of post-treatment and conditioning systems for tap water;
  • State-of-the-art natural and wastewater treatment technologies;
  • Intensification of water treatment processes and reconstruction of water supply systems and structures;
  • Improvement of membrane methods of natural water treatment;
  • Operation of water supply and drainage systems and facilities

The Department conducts scientific work in the following priority areas for the development of science and technology of the Russian Federation:

  • energy-saving technologies;
  • ecology and rational water use;
  • human life support and protection systems;
  • nanotechnologies and nanomaterials - membrane technologies;
  • technologies of processing and disposal of technogenic formations and waste.

Students take an active part in scientific research under the guidance of teachers and Academic Advisors of the Department.

Research work of students becomes a part of their course and graduation qualification papers. Students who wish to continue their studies after graduating from MGSU have an opportunity to stay at the Department and enter the graduate school. Their academical work, carried out in their student years, can become the basis for creating their theses.

The Department has following laboratories:

  • Pump Equipment Laboratory;
  • Natural Water Treatment Laboratory;
  • Laboratory of Physical and Chemical Processes of Water Treatment;
  • Biological Wastewater Treatment Process Laboratory;
  • Laboratory of water disposal information systems;
  • Water Supply Networks Hydraulic Test Laboratory;
  • Laboratory of sanitary equipment of buildings;
  • Laboratory of Ecology, Water Chemistry and Microbiology.

There are many scientific study clubs at the Department.

All students of any course who want to learn more in their professional field are invited to scientific study clubs.

Members of the scientific club study special literature, software, take part in meetings of the club scientific sections, conduct experiments together with graduate students and teachers of the Department, make presentations at seminars and conferences.

Scientific study clubs operate within the University's student science society.

Study club "Water and Membranes"

The Head of the club is D.Eng.Sc., Professor Aleksey G. Pervov.

The meeting place and the working platform are in the Room 102 B

The topics of the club’s meetings are the following:

  • modern methods of purification of drinking and service water;
  • membrane technologies in water treatment;
  • electron microscopy;
  • automation of water treatment systems.

Study club "Innovation in trenchless technologies"

The Head of the club is D.Eng.Sc., Professor V.A. Orlov

Students studying in the direction of training "Water supply and sanitation" and others are invited to take part in the club’s meetings.

The main goal of these clubs is the in-depth scientific and practical training of students.

Proficiency in English, German or French and the basics of programming is welcome.

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