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The Department of Mechanization and Automation of Construction is one of the oldest departments in Russia training specialists in the field of design and operation of lifting, construction, road machines and mechanical equipment, including their drive systems, as well as in the field of solving issues of mechanization of construction. The Department was formed as a result of the merger of the Department of construction and lifting and transport machines, the Department of Mechanical Equipment of Construction Industry Enterprises, the Department of Machine Parts and Department of Metal Technology.

After the merge of MGSU and Moscow State Academy of Public Utilities and Construction two departments of the academy joined the Department: The Department of Metal Technology and the Department of Mechanical Equipment of Construction Industry Enterprises.

The Department originated in the Department of Mechanization in Construction, which was established in February 1938 by the Special Decree of the People's Commissariat of the USSR at the initiative of Peter T. Frolov, Chief Engineer and Deputy Head of the Soyuzekskavatsiya trust. He headed the Department over 26 years.

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