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The Department of Housing and Utilities Sector was established in 2015. Leading scientists and experts in the field of technical operation of building structures, buildings, structures and urban infrastructure work at the Department.

The main activities of the Department are technical operation, reconstruction and overhaul of buildings and structures, organizational and technological design in the housing and utilities sector.

Currently 5 Doctors of Technical Sciences, 10 Candidates of Technical Sciences, 1 Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences work at the Department of Housing and Utilities Sector.

There is an equipped Study Laboratory, which conducts laboratory research for the programs of disciplines studied at the Department. Author information and illustrated stands and layouts developed by academic staff of the Department are used in the educational process.

Over the years, the Department has been cooperating and maintaining close creative ties with State Corporation - Housing and Communal Services Reform Assistance Fund, Moscow departments of Capital Repair and of Housing and Utilities Sector, Moscow Fund for the overhaul of apartment buildings, Council for professional qualifications in housing and communal services.

Student life is interesting and diverse. There are two scientific study clubs – “Innovative Technologies in Housing and Utilities Sector”, “Ecology and Housing and Utilities Sector”; Student Science Conferences and Olympiads are annually held. Students participate in Russian and international events, professional skills competitions. Highly qualified academic staff provides a high level of training which is acknowledged by numerous prizes and diplomas.

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